30 Days of Hope brings five children to foster care

ROANOKE, Virginia – More good news on 30 Days of Hope! We’re excited to share that many of the kids we featured in November are now home and the good news doesn’t end there!

“The 30 Days of Hope campaign has gone really well this year,” said Juliet Baldwin, VDSS Adoption Recruitment Coordinator.

32 children presented over 30 days. These are just a few of the more than 600 Virginia children waiting to be adopted.

“Without the 30 Days of Hope campaign and WSLS News reaching out to some of our young adoptives available for adoption, some of these children may not have families forever at this time. Some are already being placed with families and they’re about to be adopted, ”said Baldwin, who helped coordinate 30 Days of Hope as a partner with the Virginia Department of Social Services.

She has also responded to numerous emails from you. They had far more requests than they expected, almost 800! At present, of the 32 children we presented in November, five are already placed in foster homes!

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“These children need permanence. They don’t get it while in foster care. They never know where they’re going to be from season to season, ”said Kathy McElroy, who is familiar with the need as Bedford County DSS Adoption and Foster Care Supervisor. “It’s heartbreaking because they know they’re different. They have no visitors, they have no one to call, they have no one to remember their birthdays or give them Christmas. We desperately need foster and adoptive families.

As more and more people sign up, we can see more life changing placements, which lead to even more adoptions.

Baldwin says there were 845 adoptions in 2021 and these show five years of WSLS 10′s 30 Days of Hope is working.

“More than half of the adoptions in Virginia last year for our foster children were from this viewing area,” said Baldwin, who said this partnership and WSLS 10 News highlighting the need for foster care foster and adoptive families over the years make a difference.

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“I think it has a huge impact and brings awareness where there maybe wasn’t. Families will watch your show and they will see and connect and they will want to be involved and they will want to be engaged, ”Baldwin said.

We also told you about the local family who have seen 30 days of hope in previous years and have been called to welcome children into their homes. This decision prompted two other families to take in children in foster care.

Three children now have permanent families, having been adopted by loving parents who were inspired by our 30 Days of Hope initiative.

“It’s a multigenerational thing, it’s really cool,” said Ryan Downey, of DePaul Community Resources, who said these families could adopt more children and all thanks to 30 Days of Hope. “We are here for hope and belonging. If we can bring hope and belonging to the children in our care, that is the ultimate goal. We want to find them permanence and when it’s permanence through adoption, that’s like the ultimate goal of why I started this career. It’s the most important thing to celebrate, it’s the greatest level of achievement.

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All it takes is a phone call or email to get more information. If you have any questions about foster care / adoption, contact VDSS Family Services, Juliet Baldwin, Adoption Recruitment Coordinator, at [email protected]

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