5 things to watch on the offensive side when the Jags face the Browns

Jaguars WR (7) Zay Jones spins with the ball during passing drills during the Jacksonville Jaguars Team Activity Session at TIAA Bank Field on Monday, May 23, 2022. [Florida Times-Union]

As previously stated, the Jags entered this season with the understanding that Lawrence not only needed the right coaches around him, but also new weapons. As a result, they signed three young veteran pass catchers in Kirk, Jones and Engram in free agency.

It wasn’t cheap and cost the team just under $60 million in warranties, though none of the individual trades were backbreaking. However, these three players will be heavily watched by fans, who have been wanting more splashy signings this spring.

The good thing is that all three have worked hard to build a bond with Lawrence that dates back to organized team activities. Of the three, Kirk has the most potential after dropping just 18 for 1,000 yards last season with Arizona. He brings speed on offense and could be a problem for defenses in the slot, which helped rising young star quarterback Kyler Murray succeed last season.

Engram is a big athletic threat that could give the Jags the production they’ve long wanted in tight end position. He has a big opportunity ahead of him after signing a one-year ‘prove it’ contract, and he’s come to the right place to turn his career around as Pederson likes to use the tight end position.

As for Jones, it looks like they consider him a Type X receiver. He’s been impressed at camp despite being one of the more confusing signings on the team. Staff praised him (and Kirk) for his ability to communicate with Lawrence and explain what he sees outside of defense. That said, it would be nice to see him play a few games on Friday, as that would clear up more fan confusion this spring when he signed.

*Note: The Jags could play it safe with Kirk this week as he suffered an ankle injury in practice, but he hasn’t been mentioned among the players who will sit.