A donation leads to the purchase of a van for the Senior Center

Claire Teague Senior Center board members with the center’s new Ford Edge. The purchase of the vehicle was made possible thanks to the donation of an anonymous resident. Photo by Shaw Israel Izikson.

Greater Barrington— Thanks to an anonymous donation, the Claire Teague Senior Center now has a new Ford Edge for transporting seniors.

According to city publicist Ellen Lahr, about two years ago a resident gave the senior center an envelope that included a check for $40,000. “The donor of this money wants to remain anonymous,” Lahr wrote to The Berkshire Edge via email. “There were many twists and turns, as well as supply chain issues in getting this vehicle.”

After more than a year of waiting, the vehicle has just been delivered to the Senior Center. “We’ve been on a waiting list for some time, but we’re thrilled to have a new vehicle to join our fleet,” said the center’s senior manager, Polly Mann Salenovoch. “We already have two very large vans that can accommodate up to nine people, and we have another van that can accommodate up to eight people. But we needed a smaller vehicle as we go to Pittsfield a lot. Fuel consumption during the winter is a disadvantage for large vehicles. Now that we have a smaller vehicle, it will be much easier to transport the elderly. »

Salenovoch said the new vehicle will be able to transport up to five residents at a time. She added that the Senior Center itself continues its various programs. “We have bingo, tap dance nights, barbecues and a monthly free lunch box program,” Salenovoch said. “We also have yoga and tai chi classes, as well as computer classes and advice on health insurance. I think seniors should know that we offer many services on a daily basis.

For more information about the Claire Teague Senior Center, call 413-528-1881 or visit their website.