Australia’s 10 Most Prolific Sustainability Companies

Following new research by Nine that showed the business value of companies and brands investing in sustainability, media monitoring service Streem has ranked Australia’s ten most prolific Australian brands in speaking about building a more sustainable future, in the past 12 months, through print and online media coverage.

The food, mining and banking industries dominate the list, with Woolworths clearly leading the way in first place, mentioned a total of 1432 times.

BHP came in second with 1346 unique mentions across all areas, while Coles came third with 1320 mentions, and Commonwealth Bank of Australia took fourth place with a total of 1263 mentions.

Andrew Hicks, Marketing Director of Woolworths Group, told Mumbrella: “Clearly sustainability has never been a priority for Australians. Customers turn to us to make their weekly shopping more eco-friendly and show them what they can do to reduce their own footprint, whether it’s reducing plastic, reducing food waste or support sustainable sourcing.


“Our aim is to create a better future, and as Australia’s largest retailer of food and everyday needs, we have a responsibility to share our environmental ambitions and hold ourselves accountable to our customers and shareholders.”

Hicks added, “Sustainability is now a central pillar of our redesigned Today’s Fresh Food People platform, featured prominently in our advertising and marketing, and embedded in our long-term strategy.

“We hope that by sharing our ambitions, progress and expertise, we can provide insights to help other companies do their part as we work together for a better future.

“We know there is still much to do and we are constantly learning from our peers and leaders overseas about how we can make lasting change and share our progress in a meaningful way with customers.”

In July last year, Woolworths launched its Today’s Fresh Food People platform, a reinvented brand philosophy, building on the equity of the supermarket’s popular Fresh Food People platform. A key pillar of the platform is “going greener”, which has provided a vehicle for greater visibility of Woolworths’ sustainability milestones in recent years, and commitments in the years to come, covering the green energy, sustainable sourcing, food waste and plastic reduction.

In 2020, Woolworths Group released its Better Tomorrow 2025 plan, setting out its sustainability ambitions across the pillars of people, product and planet. In line with its ambitions, Woolworths has announced a series of initiatives over the past two years, including a transition to 100% renewable energy by 2025, including a commitment to become net carbon positive by 2050 if not earlier, the validation of its climate targets by the Science Based Targets Initiate, the conversion of meat trays to be 100% recyclable and the elimination of single-use plastic picnic utensils.

This also included signing the Woolworths Group’s first renewable energy purchase agreement, continued plastic reduction to eliminate thousands of tonnes of plastic from packaging, co-founding plastic recycling start-up Samsara to develop a low-footprint recycling technology that supports infinite recycling, rolling out battery recycling bins to every supermarket nationwide, and launching paper shopping bags