Automotive meltdown leads to closure on Harbor Drive, hitting downtown traffic

Officers stand guard around the car of a motorist on Harbor Drive that blocked traffic early Thursday. Photo credit: ONSCENE.TV

Police had to close off part of Harbor Drive on Thursday before they could detain a motorist who stopped his car and blocked traffic at a busy downtown intersection.

The closure, in the Westbound lanes of W. Harbor to Front Street, caused traffic birds to filter into nearby streets during the morning commute, according to

Harbor Police arrived at 6:30 a.m. to find a woman parked in the No. 2 west side traffic lane near Market Street, smiling, occasionally singing and refusing to recognize officers.

When they tried to get her to open the car doors, she refused. Fearing that she was a danger to herself or others, responding officers parked their patrol vehicles in front and behind the compact SUV to prevent her from driving away.

After about two hours, officers were preparing to force entry, the motorist suddenly rolled down his windows. The police then forcibly removed her from the vehicle and took her into custody.

They sent the woman, who had blood on her clothes, to UC San Diego Medical Center for evaluation.

The San Diego Humane Society took in a small dog the woman had with her.

Officers reopened Harbor Drive after 9 a.m.

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