Business travel dominates female CEO sector

Percentage of female CEOs in B2B travel sectors

1. Hospitality schools – 29%
2. Business travel – 26%
3. Commercial media – 24%
4. Pressure groups – 18%
5. Fairs and events – 16%
6. Investors – 14%
7. Consortia – 10%
8. Travel Technology – 8%
9. Cruise – 7%
10. Aeronautics – 6%
11. Car rental – 6%
12. Distribution and hotel sales – 5%

SOURCE: Belvera Partners

According to a report, women make up just 12.4% of the CEOs of the world’s 350 largest B2B travel companies.

The figure is even lower for president positions at 12.1% according to data from the 2021 B2B sustainability report by public relations firm Belvera.

A closer look at the data reveals that business travel is one of the best performing segments in the B2B travel world, with women accounting for 26% of CEOs and 23% of president positions.

Segments such as hotel distribution and sales as well as aviation are not doing well, with women accounting for only 5% and 6% of CEO positions, respectively.

Roman Townsend, Managing Director of Belvera Partners comments: “Unfortunately the results of this research do not surprise me too much and I suspect that many others in the industry will feel the same way.

“We were determined to establish the data to generate new conversations around this important topic. We also looked at how many of the top 350 B2B travel agencies are run by a non-white person and will release that data soon: spoiler alert, the numbers aren’t encouraging. »

Only hotel schools beat the business travel segment when it comes to women in leadership positions.

Recent research from Phocuswright revealed that travel agencies are falling behind on leadership initiatives.

The 2021 Gender Equity Study found that 46% of men rate the industry as good or excellent when it comes to gender equity in career development and management opportunities, compared to 26% of women.

The research also found that 59% of men see more leadership opportunities available to everyone, compared to 29% of women.