Clerical error leads to loss of airline vouchers, thousands of dollars

TULSA, Okla. – An airline customer has learned that her family lost thousands of dollars in flight vouchers after a trip was canceled due to COVID-19.

The island of Saint Lucia seemed to be calling their names last December. After a few years of COVID-19 lockdowns, masks and restrictions, Debbie and Dorian Dolph just wanted to get away.

“When I booked it we were a little wary, but I had vouchers that were going to expire, so we went ahead and made arrangements to do this trip,” Debbie tells us.

Then, by chance, COVID-19 seemed to reappear. Another fight was doing the rounds.

So Debbie says she called American Airlines to see what would happen to their $3,600 vouchers if they canceled the flights. Would they lose them? Or could they still use them?

“They told me they were going to make an exception and basically we could use our vouchers, they couldn’t refund our money, but we could use our vouchers and we would have until December of this year to use them.”

Debbie asked American to send her an email confirming the deal.

So it was much to Debbie’s surprise when she contacted the airline several weeks ago to plan this long-delayed and much-needed getaway only to be told that the vouchers were no longer valid.

“I called and they said the vouchers had already been used and we couldn’t use them.”

No problem, Debbie thought. After all, she had received emails from Americans saying they could still use those vouchers. Except, time and time again, Debbie says she’s been told it’s not allowed.

“I said, that’s crazy.”

As the weeks went on, with more emails and calls, Debbie says American Airlines apologized for giving them the wrong information.

“They just need to get it right.”

Still, Debbie says she was told the vouchers could no longer be used. They were $3,600.

“I’m sorry, our mistake, we made the mistake, we shouldn’t have told you, but we did. I said it didn’t do me any good.

And the fact that she had a paper trail of emails and phone call notes proving she was right made Debbie even more upset.

“I just got frustrated with it and said enough is enough.”

That’s when Debbie called the 2 topical problem solvers.

We contacted a representative from American Airlines, who investigated the situation. We were told that the confusion appeared to be caused by clerical errors. Debbie and her husband therefore received credits, totaling nearly $4,000, to be used the following year.

“So we’re planning a trip, right now, probably just to Cancun, go somewhere we can get away and use the vouchers, put that behind us.”

Put their experience in the rearview mirror, even though the island of Saint Lucia may no longer call their names.

It’s important to remember. Debbie keeping this paper trail solved her problem.

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