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The most successful people on your company’s team should be your managers. If you have managers who do more administrative work than managing lists and sales, you need to rethink their roles and either focus on list generation or sales generation, or make changes to your leadership team.

The number one goal of every manager is to help create success for their agents. What does it look like and mean, and more importantly, how does a sales leader affect the success of their agent’s productivity and really help them increase its listings, its sales and, ultimately, its income?

Your “sales” managers should start with a relentless focus on listings and create a culture that “we dominate our market because we’re a listing machine office.” Creating and coaching agents to become the best agents will help create that winning team and get huge results every month. Here are some proven lead generation strategies that will improve agent success in listing homes and building inventory for buyers:

Organize office sales events to increase appointments. Getting and keeping your agents focused on dollar-producing activities is the first step to achieving good results. Organize call events and call days in your offices to make sure agents schedule time to make phone calls, text messages, or connect on social media. By planning such events, you put them on your agents’ calendars and bring you more opportunities, announcements, sales and revenue.

Generate lists and how to get them at your weekly sales meetings. If you haven’t already, share your team and office goals for announcements with your sales team each month. Get their buy-in and commitment. The team goal is made up of everyone’s individual contributions, and each announcement adds to the team’s monthly success. Share it and report progress weekly for the month. You will see a huge increase in agent excitement, enthusiasm, productivity and success will create more success.

Teach your agents how to add value during an SEO (marketing) presentation and win. Host training sessions on how to teach your agents to clearly and effectively communicate their value and value proposition to potential sellers. Show them how to use your brokerage’s unique tools to create more value, and they can successfully convert more listings. Each of your agents needs to know what exclusive value they bring to a seller as well as what your business brings to the table that no other brokerage has or does. This will result in more big wins and successful Agents.

Teach agents how to find listings from several easy and available sources. For over 25 years, I have been a strong advocate for creating your own listing opportunities and building your own marketplace. We have resources available to generate lists, but most agents think they don’t work or are too lazy to try to use them. Teach your agents how to convert open house leads into appointments. Teach them how to prospect FSBOs and expired listings. We get huge successes from our agents selling expired listings to buyers who are losing in multiple offer negotiations. Encourage your agents to connect to their sphere and customer databases, and offer a free home equity assessment. There are opportunities all around us every day, if we look for them. Find them, discover them and create value and help your agents achieve ridiculous success!

Listings are always the key to a successful real estate business for any agent. Teach your agents how to be the best new listing lead generator. Their main goal is to find listing opportunities every week and convert them into real listings with signage. When we focus on the list side, everything else happens.

These are just a few of Johnson’s proven and exclusive leadership strategies that produce amazing results quickly. For more information on its proprietary turnkey brokerage solutions, online and group coaching programs, and a demo of its proprietary, co-branded and customizable learning management system, Sherri Johnson Academy, schedule a strategy call free, click here.

Sherri Johnson is CEO and Founder of Sherri Johnson Coaching & Consulting. With 25 years of real estate experience as an agent, broker and executive, Sherri now offers her proven methods through coaching, consulting and speaking services nationwide. She is a national speaker for the Secrets of Top Selling Agents tour and is the official real estate coach for McKissock Learning and Real Estate Express. Sherri was also named RISMedia Real Estate Newsmaker in 2020 and 2021 as an industry influencer and thought leader. Schedule a Free 30-Minute Strategy Coaching Session or Visit for more information.