FBI raid on Trump’s home leads to unusual fundraising campaign

It may seem counterintuitive that a raid on former President Donald Trump’s home would lead to massive fundraising efforts by Trump and congressional Republicans, but that’s exactly what happened. passed this week.

Not only is Trump’s fundraising operation using the FBI raid to raise money, but some Republican congressmen in Minnesota are doing it as well.

Under the “Breaking News” banner, Rep. Pete Stauber’s campaign for reelection in the 8th congressional district has solicited contributions.

“Just hours after the FBI’s armed political raid on his private home, President Trump has endorsed me again!” said the fundraising email. “I appreciate the President’s endorsement, especially at such a critical time.”

Seventh District Rep. Michelle Fischbach’s campaign issued a similar fundraising appeal:

“Trump has always stood up for the American people and an America First program. The FBI and the Department of Justice have been armed by the Obama and Biden administrations. They still go after him because they want to silence their political opponents “We must always stand up and fight for truth, justice and righteousness. Yesterday’s FBI raid was an affront not only to our former president, but an insult to the rule of law. We must defend him. since he represents Michelle.

– Fundraising email from Representative Michelle Fischbach

“It takes work to make Trump a sympathetic figure, but having the FBI raid his house helps with that,” says political analyst Steven Schier of Carleton College.

Trump’s various fundraising operations are also paying off. His son Eric Trump tweeted this week that his dad’s website “shattered all fundraising records and I’m told he’s raised more money in the past 24 hours than ever before in history. The American people are furious!

It remains to be seen how the revelations of classified documents discovered at the former president’s home by the FBI will impact fundraising efforts.