Finding solutions to equipment supply chain issues

Tyler Kern was joined by John Knudsen, Project Manager, Designed Conveyor Systems, to discuss equipment delivery times. Global supply chains have faced many challenges throughout the pandemic, including fluctuating delivery times across the industry. Knudsen shared various challenges facing the industry highlighting material sourcing, extended lead times, manpower, resources and transportation to sites as serious issues in the material handling world. Knudsen talks about the “perfect storm” Covid has created across the industry that includes an unmotivated workforce.

Knudsen explained that planning projects in advance and setting clear operational goals are two of the best practices a company can use in these difficult times. Planning ahead allows businesses to be prepared for unexpected challenges Although lead times are long, planning ahead can help cope with the changes seen in today’s supply chain today. Plus, capacity planning can save a lot of the headaches of how to manage them. Finally, companies want to assess and define their goals to ensure they are aligned to support a company’s desired future state. Goals allow structure with flexibility when needed to support positive outcomes.

Knudsen shared more information on how to make the planning process more efficient for businesses. He shared that augmenting the current process by adding ready-to-use equipment with a short lead time and using equipment until you get to the installation point were methods to approach the planning process. Listen to learn more about solving supply chain issues with industry expert John Knudsen.

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