FNB News – “Strong focus on developing affordable food products”

Ingredion Incorporated, one of the world’s leading providers of ingredient solutions for the food and beverage industry, showcased the latest consumer trends and ingredient innovations in six delicious recipe prototypes at Gulfood Manufacturing. Esen KuralSenior Director of Business Development – ​​Emerging Markets Ingredion; Muserref KaradayiRegional Manager, Emerging Market, PureCircle by Ingredion; Firas Abu IrshaidTechnical Sales Account Manager – Middle East Ingredion; Kevin Aldersenior culinologist EMEA, share their thoughts on industry challenges, sustainability, market trends, innovative products and more, in an email interview with Kimberly Fernandes. Excerpts:

How does the company plan to prepare dishes that address industry challenges, including affordability, reducing sugar and fortifying products with plant-based protein?
We have a strong focus on developing food products that are affordable but still meet consumer expectations for quality and indulgence.

We also see that in the Middle East and Africa, there is a very young population with a pronounced taste for very sweet and high-calorie foods. Based on this, we see a growing problem of obesity and type 2 diabetes, especially in the Middle East and North Africa. Post-pandemic consumers are increasingly health-conscious, given that obesity is one of the specific risk factors for severe Covid-19 infection. To respond to this trend at Gulfood, we had several reduced sugar concepts across multiple categories, including fruit preparations, table sauces and beverages, with solutions like our PureCircle Stevia range. Another emerging trend is plant-based. We have seen a 31% increase in plant-related complaints in the Middle East and Africa over the past five years. Therefore, we also had a vegetable nugget and a vegan cheese present at the event.

Products enabling quality and affordable formulation in bakery cream and coated nuts

Precisa Crisp 37C Starch is an instant waxy corn starch that imparts a light, crisp texture to baked snacks. Labeled “corn starch”, it allows snack manufacturers to design the texture of their snacks to meet consumer preferences. Swely Gel 200D Modified Starch is a texturizing solution for instant bakery fillings with excellent texturizing properties and superior baking and freezing stability. It offers a premium creamy texture profile, ideal for baked creamy yellow fillings.

Products to reduce sugar in beverages

PureCircle Core 95 Steviol Glycosides is a stevia-based sweetener designed as a stand-alone sweetener or in combination with other sweeteners to complete the profile. The total steviol glycosides (TSG) content of the product is over 95%.

Another PureCircle product is NSF-12 Natural Flavor. A flavor modifier that rounds out the flavor profile and reduces the aftertaste of non-caloric sweeteners in food and beverage applications. It enhances complex flavors.

Products allowing plant-based positioning in nuggets, cheeses and bakery icings

Vitence TEX Chunk 101 Textured Pea Protein is a textured protein made from yellow peas. It consists of 65% protein (dry basis). The “chunk” structure of this textured pea protein makes it very versatile for different shapes and processes, such as grinding and shredding. It is ideal for applications such as burgers, meatballs, sausages, nuggets and ready meals. With a firm and coarse texture, Vitessence TEX Chunk 101 can help you deliver a satisfying and succulent cooking experience.

Precisa Set 1210W Modified Starch allows manufacturers to replace protein while being able to produce a high quality product with an appealing texture at a lower cost. It helps to facilitate cost-effective gelation and fusion properties at different protein levels. It can be used to optimize the texture of various types of cheese blocks and shredded analog/processed cheeses.

The Simplistica VG 1211 Stabilizer System is an affordable complete system for vegan icing with similar functionality to Diluted Whole Egg. It disperses easily in cold water and can be applied directly to bread, pastry, cookies or crackers before baking. With good freeze/thaw stability, it can be used for frozen pastries. It gives a nice brown, non-sticky and uniform film when cooked. This system is ideal for all baked goods where affordability is essential.

What are the different types of products offered by the company, and which are the most popular with consumers?
Our solutions for dairy products (Greek yogurt, pannacotta without gelatin), were highly appreciated at this year’s GFM as well as our Vitessence Tex Chunk 101, which entered into our concept of vegetable nuggets.

What types of research and development go into each of your products?

Before any product launch, our Research and Development and Development and Innovation teams work in collaboration with our marketers to ensure that the products we put on the market correspond to the challenges of our customers. We also carry out sensory tests of the products in application.

Tell us more about formulation and production challenges in the new menu presented at Gulfood Manufacturing 2021.
An example of a production challenge we helped solve this year is a solution for thermized drinking yogurt, which typically has a two-step process. However, with our Simplistica DY 1210, we have created a product that only requires a one-step process to reduce energy costs for the customer and a shorter production time, which can increase production.

Describe the company’s vision for sustainable living.

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to our business. In line with our goal of “making life better”, our “Whole Life” sustainability strategy is based on three main pillars: everyday life, life on the planet and connected life. Everyday life is about building a productive culture where people, product safety and long-term health are a priority, as well as promoting respect for human rights and increasing transparency throughout our supply chain. We want to establish a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion to build belonging and drive sustainable innovation by aligning with the UN SDGs. Planet Life is about protecting and renewing the planet’s resources by adopting science-based goals and other conservation measures to make improvements and implement programs in our crop sourcing areas to protect biodiversity or protect biodiversity. have a net positive impact. Connected Life is about sustainable and regenerative agriculture, food security and community impact, including sustainably sourcing 100% of priority crops (Tier 1 by 2025), improving food security and eliminating food waste throughout our supply chain and aligning with the UN SDGs to make life better for >1 million people in our communities.

Do you plan to introduce new products given changing market trends?

Trust and transparency are a growing concern for consumers in today’s food and beverage market. When consumers know what ingredients and processes go into the products they buy, they feel more empowered in their decision-making. 43% of Middle Eastern and African consumers say they purchased more food and beverages packaged with clean label positioning in 2020 compared to 2019. Middle Eastern and African food manufacturers are reacting to these numbers, and we can see the use of clean label positioning growing by 21% in MEA over the last five years.

It is also important to define what we mean by ‘clean label’, as it is not a term that consumers might recognize. At Ingredion, our definition of a Clean Label food product is made only with ingredients recognized and accepted by consumers, free of ingredients that appear artificial or misleading, and consistent with consumers’ understanding of on-pack claims.

By using Ingredion’s Novation Lumina functional native starches, manufacturers can formulate Clean Label foods and beverages while maintaining the pleasing textures and vibrant colors consumers have come to expect. These starches are designed to work under the full range of processing conditions and help food and beverage manufacturers make “natural”* claims. Novation Lumina Functional Native Starches offer viscosity and mouthfeel comparable to modified starches, with excellent texture stability throughout their shelf life.

Manufacturers should consult regulations specific to all target markets. Of the countries that have provisions to regulate the term “natural” to date, these products meet the criteria of a natural food ingredient in the UK, France, Ireland and associated EU legislation, as well as the worldwide ISO technical specification (ISO/TS 19657 ).