For under $ 60, you can generate leads with well-funded tech companies using Prelo

Business has been around for as long as man has inhabited this earth. Although of course a little more rudimentary, the principle has essentially remained the same. The key principle has always been an exchange of goods or services for something of value between at least two parties. The way these parts are connected has changed over the centuries. While word-of-mouth has always been what could be considered the most important form of marketing (and naturally, the only form at any given time in history), our technological age has allowed us to forge relationships. relationships faster, more directed and on a larger scale. Prelo is a lead generation app that will help you do just that.

As mentioned, customer research can take many forms… chatbots, social networks, networking meetings, among others. While often effective, there can be a lot of chatter, handshakes, and time spent on misdirected tracks, even going nowhere. In order to be truly successful in getting a lead that is likely to generate business (which is, of course, your ultimate goal), you need to connect with the right contact at the right time.

If your business is looking to affiliate with the tech industry, this app is a must have. Perhaps these reviews say it best. “If outbound marketing was a superhero and had a name, it would be Prelo.” “Simple to understand and easy to use, [Prelo is a] very handy tool to save time with reliable search results. Based on hires, fundraisers, income, and more, Prelo will generate a targeted email list of well-funded startups that you could potentially collaborate with. Armed with the latest fundraising news, you can then add the companies you want to your dashboard. The app features a simple rating algorithm that can predict the next time a business will fundraise, as well as recent hiring activity. Design your own email or use one of over 80 industry-tested templates to start converting leads into customers.

Normally priced at $ 1,800, a lifetime subscription to the Standard Prelo plan can be yours for just $ 59.99. That’s certainly less than the cost of the man-hours required to generate an old-fashioned lead!

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