Forecast: Hot week leads to frosty New Years day

Fog Monday morning could limit visibility but is expected to clear up as the sun rises and sets the stage for a hot New Years week, according to the National Weather Service.

Monday’s highs in Fort Worth are expected to peak at 80 degrees.

This week’s highs are expected to range from the low to the high of 70 through New Year’s Day, when a strong cold front is expected to bring storms throughout the day on Saturday and below-freezing temperatures at sunset. Sun. Sunday highs shouldn’t leave low to mid 40s with partly sunny skies.

With lows forecast at 28 degrees on Saturday and Sunday nights, North Texans should be prepared to wrap pipes, let faucets run, keep cabinets open and bring pets and plants inside.

NWS Monday.jpeg
Highs this week are expected to go from low to high of 70 over the course of the week, but a cold front will bring below freezing nights to the region after the New Years sunset. National Courtesy Weather Service

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