Game’s new online store tested – with impressive results

Game launched a new website in May, promising a better online shopping experience with faster deliveries. Our tests show that they deliver on that promise.

Parent company Massmart said the revamped site features advanced sourcing logic, which would result in better order processing times.

It also enables geolocation of products, promising faster deliveries and near real-time stock availability updates.

The game also added order tracking, online returns, and a pickup option for selected stores.

MyBroadband tested the new Game online shopping website to see if it lived up to expectations.

Like other major online stores, the revamped gaming website looks well polished and easy to navigate.

Its search functionality works well and we were able to quickly find what we were looking for.

We ordered an extender on May 16 and were able to pick it up on May 18 at our nearest branch at Centurion Mall.

Alternatively, we could choose to have it delivered before May 23rd.

We opted for R50 delivery, but the page said we would have free delivery on orders of R450 or more.

After placing the order it was easy to come back and see its current condition. Our order showed that it was confirmed.

We received a text message that the order had been dispatched on May 17th and the next morning we received another message that the package had been picked up for delivery and would be delivered the same day.

Later, the driver phoned us to verify the address, and we received the package about 20 minutes later.

We received another text message that the driver was on the way and a live tracking link. This still seems to have some issues, as we only received the link after the courier delivered our package.

The link opens a WumDrop page and also provides updates, such as when the courier has picked up the package.

We also noticed that the address on the WumDrop page was incorrect, potentially explaining why the driver had to contact us.

Regardless of this issue, the service we received was exceptional and we received our order within two days, which we hope Game can continue to do in the future.

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