Google alerts but for Reddit

Google Alerts have been around for almost 20 years to help anyone get personalized email alerts when their chosen word or phrase is used online. Sure, you can set aside time to manually monitor your competitors, your own brand, and identify leads, but alerts are a standard tool used in business today to get instant alerts or a roundup of various mentions. in a dedicated time.

But not all communities are completely indexed by Google, like Reddit, which is commonly used by people openly discussing endless topics, but branded topics are not uncommon.

Reddit Breakouts Can Happen Extremely Quicklyso being notified when something is happening (especially if it involves your name or brand) is a serious plus.

Scout is a keyword tracker for Reddit and is currently in beta testing (they are now taking signups for their waitlist). If you’re marketing for your brand, or you’re smart and know your personal brand matters just as much, you’ll want to sign up for their launch.

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Scout allows you to get notified immediately if a comment on Reddit contains a word or phrase you specifyand like Google Alerts, you can also set notifications to arrive in your inbox as a daily report from all instances.

What’s unique about Scout is that if you wish, you can narrow your search to specific subreddits, which can be useful if your alert is a more generic phrase that may appear too many times on Reddit itself.

Not only is it useful to track mentions of your name and business name, but if someone is discussing certain real estate markets, knowing that a subdivision has been mentioned can reveal a potential buyer or seller. Receiving alerts for certain phrases can also improve conversions, such as “looking for a house in [your specific area]” or ” looking for a real estate agent in [your specific area.]”

Then check out Scout for lead generation and brand monitoring – Google alerts aren’t enough anymore!

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