How Freelancers Can Use LinkedIn’s Latest Features to Generate More Leads

As vaccine rollout continues and more people look to a post-COVID future, LinkedIn sees increased engagement, as professionals contemplate their next opportunity and businesses seek help experts to guide their planning.

Indeed, LinkedIn now has up to 774 million members, with three more people signing up to the platform every second, while it has also reported “record engagement levels” for five consecutive quarters, highlighting this opportunity.

For freelancers, it also means new potential to connect with relevant opportunities – as long as you do it right and use LinkedIn’s various features to make sure your presence stands out and that you connect in the most meaningful way. effective.

On this front, LinkedIn recently added a few tools that can help you with your process – here are three relatively new LinkedIn additions that can help improve your platform’s performance.

1. LinkedIn service page

LinkedIn added service listings on freelance profiles in 2019, but it recently refined its display options to make it an even more valuable consideration.

Here is an example of Mast Navarrethe services page of:

As you can see, the updated Services page format includes a more specific focus on the services offered, as well as a new “Reviews” option to display customer testimonials.

Your LinkedIn service list can showcase your business offers and help you reach potential customers, all for free.

A Services page:

  • Connects you with LinkedIn members looking for your services
  • Allows potential customers to contact you for free, even if you are not logged in
  • Allows you to receive business inquiries from LinkedIn members outside of your network
  • Helps you be found by searching for services on LinkedIn

Here is an overview of my LinkedIn service page:

LinkedIn Services Page

Tips for maximizing your free LinkedIn service page:

  • Choose up to 10 services provided
  • Fill out the “About” section to let potential customers know what you are offering (you can use up to 500 characters)
  • Add a workplace – You can choose your current location as well as the option “I am available to work remotely”
  • Once you’ve set up your LinkedIn service page, share it as a post to let your network know you’re #OpenForBusiness or share it in a post.

For more information on setting up your own LinkedIn services page, check out this LinkedIn overview.

2. Reviews on the LinkedIn service pages

As noted, LinkedIn recently added a new “Reviews” section to its service page options, which allows you to showcase positive customer reviews, which can be another way to promote your offers.

You can invite past clients to review your services, LinkedIn initially offering 20 credits for requesting reviews through the process (this will ensure that people are not inundated with review requests on the platform).

To test this feature, I sent an “invitation to review” to one of our valued customers. Here is what it looks like :

Tips for maximizing your reviews on LinkedIn service pages:

  • As stated, you are allowed to invite up to 20 clients to review your services
  • You can withdraw a sent ‘invitation to review’ and collect the credit, allowing you to invite another customer instead.
  • Check the “Service Page Notification Status” to manage your notification invitations. You can also send them a message to remind them of the review request or, as instructed, withdraw the invitation.

3. LinkedIn video meetings

LinkedIn also recently offered a new native video meeting option, which lets you start a video chat directly from your LinkedIn discussion threads.

LinkedIn video meeting

You can use this feature to instantly set up face-to-face video meetings with potential customers, helping to build connection and trust.

Tips for maximizing native LinkedIn video meetings:

  • Currently, LinkedIn Native Video Meetings allow you to host one-on-one video chats. LinkedIn will soon add the ability to host group video meetings.
  • Send an instant meeting link or schedule a meeting for a different date.

For group video conferencing, you can choose from other video conferencing providers supported by LinkedIn, including MS Teams or Zoom.


LinkedIn is always adding more features, and the latest additions to its service pages and video tools can offer you new ways to improve connection and reach out to potential customers.

If you’re looking to maximize your opportunities, it’s worth taking advantage of these tools and relying on the latest LinkedIn offerings to showcase your skills and expertise.

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