How to Generate More Leads by Leveraging Referral Traffic Sources

Given all the buzz around paid marketing, search engine optimization, and email engagement, referral traffic is an underrated source of lead generation that marketers should prioritize. .

There are actually several ways to acquire more referral traffic to your website.

Once you know the best tactics for generating qualified, high-intent traffic, you can start leveraging this channel to generate regular leads. This article explains the best ways to generate lucrative leads from referral traffic sources. Let’s start!

What is referral traffic?

Referral traffic refers to people who visit your website by clicking on other websites. For example, traffic acquired through social channels such as Facebook or Pinterest is often counted as referral traffic.

Similarly, traffic from review sites and business directory sites are also counted as referral traffic sources.

The referral sources that turn into leads are the ones you need to pay special attention to.

The best ways to generate referral traffic

To acquire referral leads, you need to know the best techniques for generating referral traffic.

Here are some proven tips for generating lots of quality SEO traffic.

1. Guest Posting

Guest posting is a goldmine of referral traffic. If done correctly, audiences will continuously flock to your website.

Here are the four steps to guest posting:

  • Choose a credible and authoritative website in your niche or relevant niche (if it’s an expert industry site, that would be great) and start pitching them.
  • Pick a topic that most of your target audience searches for online.
  • Create well-organized content with your website link, following the guest posting guidelines provided by the publisher.
  • Link some of the names or quotes of top influencers in your industry into your article. That way, if they share it on their social media, it will drive quality leads to your site.

You should always aim to land guest posts on sites relevant to your industry. Showing off your expertise on top websites improves your profile reputation, which ultimately turns into valuable leads.

2. Social Media Promotion

About 4.62 billion people are on social media. Social media is a treasure trove for businesses to stay in touch with their target audiences, and some 89% of marketers agree that social media generates immense exposure for their businesses.

If you consistently deliver value to your audience, you can earn their trust and user trust in your brand, which ultimately drives more leads to your business.

It is crucial to select a social channel where your target audiences are present. For example, if you are a B2B company, you should use LinkedIn to connect with prospects. Likewise, if your business is related to home improvement, you can use Pinterest as it is a great social media site to drive qualified traffic for home improvement brands.

3. Blog Comments

Blog comments are another way to generate referral traffic. You should find high traffic sites related to your niche for blog comments. Also, you must leave relevant comments that are not spam.

Valuable comments on niche blogs will attract lots of relevant traffic.

As a bonus, if you find blogs that support “dofollow” links in their community comments, then this presents a great opportunity to improve your SEO.

4. Affiliate Sites

An estimated 90% of advertisers say affiliate marketing is essential to their digital marketing strategy. Indeed, it is one of the best ways to generate quality leads. By using affiliate programs, you can attract different website owners to sell your products and services. The traffic you receive through affiliate programs converts the most.

Analyzing your competitor’s referral traffic source is one of the best ways to determine your affiliate partners. To find your competitors’ referral sources, you can use dedicated tools that help you identify affiliates and referral links that your competitor is using to earn profit.

You can then target these sources for your referral or affiliate programs to fuel your own funnel. Additionally, you should review your affiliate program from time to time, determine which referral partners are sending the most converting referral traffic, and identify opportunities for future growth.

5. Posting to the Community Forum

Forums are a great way to engage with your potential audience, share values, and generate referrals.

Choose an active forum, participate on your brand name, tell stories, share insightful links and increase your referral traffic.

6. Online business directories

Choose the best online directories based on your target city and industry, and list your business with your website link.

Since it can be difficult to rank for some very competitive keywords initially, you can list your business on directories that are already ranking for your target keywords. For example, if you are a marketing agency, you should list your business in marketing agency directories.

Remember, when choosing directories, only quality matters, not quantity.

7. Review Sites

Some 92% of B2B buyers are likely to buy after reading reviews.

Listing your brand on review sites with positive customer testimonials helps your prospects gain trust, and the referrals you receive through review sites are always of the highest quality.

8. Infographic Submission Sites

You have less than three seconds to grab your audience’s attention. Nothing does better than visuals.

Sharing information through infographics can quickly grab the audience’s attention and help them gather information without wasting much time. You can post infographics on infographic sharing sites and get valuable referral traffic back to your site.

Analyze your existing referral traffic sources

Once you have implemented the strategies mentioned above, it is essential to document them. This allows you to keep track of what works and what doesn’t. Keeping tabs on all of this helps you refine your strategy.

To collect your referral traffic data, you can use the analytics platform of your choice. By collecting this data, you can easily gain crucial insights into your most engaged audiences — interests, personality traits, demographics, geography, websites they visit often, and more.

This helps you constantly improve your lead generation strategy to attract more leads to your website.


Word of mouth is the best marketing technique to grow your business. In a sense, referral marketing is the digital version of word of mouth. If you can list your business on authoritative, industry-leading sites, you can improve your chances of generating awesome leads.

Use the referral techniques above to improve your referral traffic and increase your business revenue by generating more leads.