Hudak leads Manchester mayoral race: 2021 election

Updated, November 3, 12:30 a.m.

MANCHESTER, NJ – With all but two districts, Robert Hudak holds a lead of almost 2,000 votes in the race for the unexpired mayoral term in the township of Manchester.

The unofficial Ocean County Electoral Council vote counts have Hudak as the head of Rob Arace, who was in contention for the final year of Kenneth Palmer’s term as mayor.

In the race for city council, Michele Zolezi holds a 1,200-vote lead over Joseph T. Hankins for the last two years of Hudak’s tenure on the council, which is non-partisan.

Results are not official until certified by the Ocean County Clerk.

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In the race for two seats on the Manchester Township School Board, George J. Cervenak III and Mike Kelliher were in the lead, followed by Sasiya Omilanowicz and Nicole Sahlin. Cervenak was the top voter, with 5,914, according to the unofficial results.

Here are the unofficial results, according to the Ocean County Board of Elections. The results don’t become official until the Ocean County Clerk certifies them, usually later in November.

With 40 of the 40 districts reporting

MAYOR (mandate not expired of one year)

Robert Hudak 8,768
Rob Arace 6,730

ADVICE (unexpired term of two years)

Michèle Zolezi 7944
Joseph T. Hankins 6,698

EDUCATION COUNCIL (3 terms of three years)

George J. Cervenak III 5 914
Sasiya Omilanowicz 4,518
Mike Kelliher 5,280
Nicole Sahline 4 329

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