Information from ex-Cal Star Alex Morgan leads to resignation of NWSL commissioner

Documentation provided by former Cal football star Alex Morgan on Friday contributed to the resignation of National Women’s Football League commissioner Lisa Baird and league general counsel Lisa Levine.

The problem began on Thursday when three-time NWSL Champion and two-time Coach of the Year Paul Riley was sacked following allegations of sexual coercion and inappropriate comments spanning several years and involving multiple teams.

When the layoff was announced, Baird released a statement saying “new allegations” had arisen and had led to an investigation.

It was at this point that Morgan, a member of the US World Cup champion squad, responded with a tweet containing information via email that Baird had been made aware of much more similar allegations. early.

This tweet indicated that Baird had not reacted in response to an offer from Sinead Farrelly and Mana Shim – two of the players who claimed to be victims of Riley – to help in an investigation into Riley’s alleged abuse.

Baird’s response to Farrelly’s request was: “We have reviewed our records and I can confirm that the original complaint has been investigated to its conclusion. Unfortunately, I cannot share any further details.”

The NWSL had announced prior to Baird’s resignation that this weekend’s games would be postponed, with Baird saying: “This week, and much of this season, has been incredibly traumatic for our players and staff, and I take responsibility for it. full responsibility for the role I have played I am so sorry for the pain that many feel.

“Recognizing this trauma, we decided not to go to the field this weekend to give everyone a space for reflection. “

Later Friday, Baird was absent as commissioner.

USWNT advocate Christie Pearce Rampone announced Friday night that she has decided to postpone her induction until 2022 following recent accusations against Riley and the NWSL. The 2021 National Football Hall of Fame induction was scheduled for today (Saturday.)


Alex Morgan’s cover photo is Erik Williams, USA TODAY Sports


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