James Ahern Leads Laidlaw Venture Partners to Secure PIPE Funding for Odyssey | New

Matchmaking to Facilitate Odyssey Concussion Study and Improve Shareholder Value

New York , June 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Healthcare technology-focused venture capital firm Laidlaw Venture Partners is pleased to announce that it has secured PIPE funding for Odyssey Group, one of the world’s leading reinsurance providers. .

The investment banking experts plan to partner with Odyssey as an advisor to improve shareholder value and eventually take the company public on the Nasdaq.

The funding will help Odyssey complete its Phase 1 study of its concussion drug, which will test its safety in human patients and allow the company to move into its Phase 2, in collaboration with the NCAA and the Department of Defense , to prove its effectiveness. Intranasal treatment can be given on the spot to those who have suffered a concussion with the aim of mitigating the long-term effects – for example, to athletes or soldiers.

Founder of Laidlaw Venture Partners, James Ahern said; “Research suggests that combat soldiers are extremely susceptible to concussions due to the hazardous nature of their duties. Addressing these situations on the spot is imperative to potentially limit the repercussions of a long-term concussion. We are honored to work alongside Odyssey’s Military Advisory Board and look forward to the opportunity to work with the Military Training Center, Camp Shelby and Fort Bragg Army Base in their Phase 2 trial later this year. It is our privilege to be able to play a part in supporting our hero.”

Odyssey’s newly formed Military Advisory Board is led by prominent current and former military leaders, including Dallas Hack, James Linder, Francois Beaudette, Timothy Szymanski and Paul Toolan.

Laidlaw Venture Partners will also work alongside Odyssey’s Sports Advisory Board, led by Kurt Warner, Brett Favre, Marc Rypien and Abby Womback.

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