Jessica Chastain leads a trio of super spy women in new pic 355

Jessica Chastain, Lupita Nyong’o and Diane Kruger are super spies in an intense new image from the upcoming action thriller The 355.

Jessica Chastain leads a trio of super female spies in new image from The 355. The thriller also stars Lupita Nyong’o, Diane Kruger, Sebastian Stan, Fan Bingbing and Penelope Cruz.

Chastain is of course no stranger to the spy action world as she starred in the 2020 movie Tate Taylor Ava. The 355 represents a change, however, as Chastain herself introduced the project to director Simon Kinberg while the two were working on X-Men: Black Phoenix. Theresa Rebeck and Kinberg eventually took on writing duties, with Kinberg taking care of the managerial duties. Plot details are mostly kept under wraps, but basically the story sees Chastain’s CIA agent teaming up with other international operatives to retrieve a top secret weapon. The title The 355 Interestingly refers to “Agent 355”, a spy who worked for the Patriots during the American Revolution.


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Thanks to Empire Magazine fans have now had another brief glimpse of The 355 and female super spies at the center of the action. A recently released image shows Chastain, Kruger and Nyong’o preparing for a serious shootout. See the image in the space below:

Jessica Chastain, Diane Kruger and Lupita Nyong'o in 355

As teased by a trailer released in October, nothing less than the fate of the world is at stake as the secret agents of The 355 go about their dangerous spy business. There is also a definite international flavor to the whole affair given the diversity of the cast, which perhaps already sets the film apart from many spy thrillers that tend to be more America-focused or Great. Brittany. Of course, when World War III is potentially imminent, one would hope that the responsible countries of the world would muster their best super spies and try to do something to stop such a catastrophic outcome for all mankind.

It remains to be seen whether Chastain’s grand swing in the world of international super-spies with a female bent leads to a franchise or ends in a one-off affair. It is possible that the film will end up launching Chastain and his company continuously. Impossible mission-type saga. Of course, launching franchises is not the easiest these days, especially when the intellectual property in question is not something pre-existing that the public is already familiar with. Chastain and company are indeed faced with many rather serious obstacles because they bring The 355 in a world that does not forgive original stories that are not based on previous movies, books or other properties. With luck The 355 will be able to overcome the original intellectual property problem and establish a refreshing new approach to the world of international intrigue.

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Source: Empire Magazine

  • The 355 (2022)Release date: January 07, 2022

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