KeHE welcomes 20 diverse brands as part of the Diversity TrendFinder event

KeHE Distributors today announced the “Golden Ticket” winners of their recent Diversity TrendFinder event, quickly entering them into their DIVERSEtrade program. Almost 200 vendors each had 20 minutes to present their brand one-on-one to the KeHE Category Management team who chose 20 to add to the distributor’s strong assortment.

“Diversity, equality and inclusion are not only a top priority for us at KeHE, but we also want to make an impact in the health food industry, which is why our last TrendFinder event was dedicated to l ‘sourcing from minority brands,’ said Rachelle Radcliffe, director of brand development at KeHE. “We believe that women, BIPOC, LGBTQIA +, veterans and people with disabilities deserve to have access to KeHE’s expertise and we look forward to helping them grow their brand in the market.

Seeking to bring innovation and new products to its business partners, KeHE selected its TrendFinder “Golden Ticket” winners on the basis of diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as the ingredients that they use, their taste, their eye-catching packaging and their corporate purpose. The following chosen “Golden Ticket” brands will be integrated into KeHE:

  • I have paella
  • Global Village Foods
  • Sarah’s house
  • Cafe Soldadera
  • Well said
  • Mulan Dumpling
  • Alcoeats
  • Mabi Artisanal Tea
  • Molasse
  • Dolce Biscottis
  • Linda’s Salsa LLC
  • Lorenzo’s frozen pudding
  • STL Pure Chaleur Gourmet
  • Nomadic Ravioli
  • PureWild Co
  • Teffola
  • Blind tiger
  • Mom Remedy

By joining KeHE’s product portfolio, these brands will be on display at more than 30,000 outlets and will help the distributor’s retail partners bring innovations and new products to their customers. In addition to removing barriers to entry and helping Golden Ticket winners navigate distribution, KeHE offers free promotional programs to every brand.

Source: KeHE

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