Kyber Course: What Angie’s List Name Change Means for Entrepreneurs

Kyber Courses, based in Forked River, New Jersey, recently published an article that seeks to explain what Angie’s List’s recent rebranding means for entrepreneurs. Kyber courses teach business owners proven growth strategies to transform and grow their business, all at their own pace.

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Jay Miller of Kyber Courses says, “Historically, entrepreneurs have used lead generation services like Angie’s List, in addition to other services like HomeAdvisor, NextDoor, and Buzz, to find potential customers and market their businesses. But the truth is that these platforms don’t quite have the entrepreneur or the best interest of the customer in mind, which is why you will find that these companies charge high fees for substandard service. However, in 2021, Angie’s List underwent a name change. Now they are known as Angi. If you’re wondering what this means for you, we’re here to help.

Formerly known as Angie’s List, Angi is an online marketplace where home improvement companies and contract services can create a list and advertise their services to local customers. According to their Terms of Service version 3.0 (effective March 17, 2021), “Angie’s List, Inc. d/b/a Angi (“Angi”) helps consumers find, hire, evaluate and review a variety of service providers. services and health-related professionals (collectively, “Service Providers”)”.

After appointing a new CEO in early 2021, the company has taken significant steps. Angie’s list is now just Angi, the company name Angi Homeservices dropped the “Homeservices” and is just Angi, and HomeAdvisor is now “HomeAdvisor, powered by Angi”. Although they have undergone a significant rebranding, the truth is that nothing has really changed for its entrepreneur community. The main goal of the rebranding seems to be to move away from the idea that they’re a list (when they actually provide more varied services) – and to appeal to a younger generation by updating update their appearance and accessibility.

Angi was once a great resource for start-up companies as well as those struggling to get referrals. Over the years, however, they’ve locked their biggest selling point, lead acquisition, behind a paywall, which has made it harder for new businesses to get a foothold. The company has also created additional hoops for SMBs or entrepreneurs to jump through just to get noticed. Ads can advertise with Angi, but they must pay a monthly fee for the service. None of these practices changed with their rebranding, so while the site is still great for acquiring leads, it has also become a competitive and expensive marketplace. Learn more here:

What all of this means for entrepreneurs is that going back to Angi is not recommended. The company charges exorbitant prices just to access leads or to feature a business name on its main site. When all is considered, advertising or marketing on Angi is too expensive for many businesses.

Kyber Courses believes that while Angi remains committed to providing the same services they always have, the cost per acquisition is not worth it. According to Kyber Courses, the cost is actually higher when calculating the annual fee, potential advertising costs (which can be difficult to estimate), the time it takes to deliver advertising or offers, and the cost to be paid for the lead. .

Instead, Kyber Courses recommends business owners invest their money in Facebook or Google ads, which gives the owner more control over how they want to spend their money. Facebook and Google ads can cost anywhere from $44 to $80 per acquisition, but it usually gets real sales or qualified leads, as opposed to strictly leads (which is all Angi usually accomplishes).

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