Lauren Davis and Clay Jenkins top primary results for Dallas County judge

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins could face off against local business owner Lauren Davis in the November general election, early results from the March 1 primary have been shown, and Andrew Sommerman and Michelle Ocker were leading a group of four Democrats to challenge Republican County Commissioner JJ Koch.

Davis is leading Dallas Schools administrator Edwin Flores in the Republican race for county judge. Jenkins also has a significant lead against attorney Billy Clark in the Democratic primary.

In the District 2 Commissioners race, Koch will be the Republican nominee to face one of four possible Democrats. Sommerman leads the pack, with Ocker, Philip Kingston and Tom Ervin trailing in the early results.

The race for the court’s District 4 commissioners was also on the ballot, with incumbent Democrat Elba Garcia and Libertarian candidate Tim Miles both running unopposed in their respective primaries. They will face each other in the legislative elections.

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Although Jenkins was the clear favorite for his party’s nomination throughout the primary campaign, all of the challengers in the race for county judges said they were running in part to oppose the approach of Jenkins on public health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Clark, for example, said he hopes Jenkins spends less time bickering with Gov. Greg Abbott over mask mandates and more time serving the local community.

Davis spoke out against both Jenkins’ and Flores’ approaches to public health measures. As an outsider and business owner, she said, she believes “the warrants are a violation of our individual rights” and that she would leave it up to individuals to decide what is best for them.

Flores, who has a doctorate in immunology, said he opposes Jenkins’ unique approach to public health and would instead make different considerations for those who are unvaccinated, partially vaccinated, fully vaccinated and those who have been sick with COVID-19[FEMININE[FEMININE

Davis’s campaign as an outsider sparked consternation and controversy within the party, including from Koch, the only Republican in the court of commissioners. Koch raised concerns about her voting record and residency, though Davis and her attorney maintained that she was eligible to run for office.

Jenkins addressed these and other concerns about his candidacy at a press conference after the county’s first voting results were released. He said Dallas County Republicans had “chosen an anti-vaxxer…over an immunologist.” He has invoked other Republican leaders like Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush to try to convince Dallas County voters to vote for him instead this fall.

“These candidates are simply no longer elected in Dallas County in the Republican primary,” Jenkins said. “I hope you will consider joining our big tent in the Democratic Party.”

Lauren Davis, candidate for Dallas County judge, speaks at a press event featuring...

District 2 Race Stewards Court

Although Koch runs unopposed in the Republican primary, all Democratic candidates have named him as their main challenger in the primary race.

Frontrunner Sommerman said he hoped to remove Koch because of what he called “political theatre”.

For example, Sommerman is representing Jenkins in a lawsuit brought by Koch after he refused to wear a mask at a commissioners’ court meeting in August. Sommerman said the commissioner’s decision to do so was part of his decision to run.

In the early results, Sommerman had less than 50% of the total vote, meaning he would likely face Ocker in a runoff. The winner of that race will face Koch in November in a newly redesigned district that now favors the Democrats. If they win in November, it could make the court fully Democratic for the first time in decades.