Li Auto overtakes Tesla in China

Growing deliveries of the first “Li ONE” mid-size SUV and the introduction of a new production line appear to have increased the need for talent from Beijing-based rival Tesla, Li Auto. The U.S. electric vehicle (EV) maker rallies for new hires with job vacancies rising from 159 jobs in January 2021 to 441 in July 2021, surpassing Tesla’s new job vacancies of 273 in July 2021, according to GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

Ajay Thalluri, Business Fundamentals Analyst at GlobalData said, “Li Auto is looking to establish a presence in various cities and provide direct services. The company has delivered over 72,000 Li ONE since its launch and recorded over 8,000 deliveries in July 2021. According to GlobalData’s “Thematic Research: Electric Vehicles 2021”, Li Auto is ranked as a challenger in the assembly of vehicles and take on Tesla in the EV Landscape. In addition, Li Auto’s rechargeable hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) battery mechanism differentiates its offering from its competitors and seeks to introduce new models with the same technology.

The company plans to build a production line for a new model using black light factory technology. A June 2021 “Director of Intelligent Technology” listing shows that Li Auto seeks to use visual recognition, AI learning, automatic transmission and big data analysis in the development of the new model. The role of “Quality Manager – Vehicle Quality” also shows that the incumbent is responsible for customer feedback and for collecting maintenance data after the product is launched.

The NASDAQ-listed company is also looking to improve awareness and branding at the government level. The incumbent of the position of “Director of Government Relations” should pay close attention to the current situation and changes in government policies.

The role of “Industrial Planning Director” further shows that the company is developing industrial planning plans and production capacity analysis reports based on its 2025 strategy to dominate the sales market share of electric vehicles in China. Cooperation with government departments is one of the avenues that the company seeks to explore.

Mr. Thalluri adds: “In light of the growing crackdown on Chinese companies, whose actions are traded in the United States, the roles of working to maintain ‘government relations’ have grown in importance. Li Auto is one of the few automakers to trade in the United States and seeks to remain resilient. “

Li Auto develops value-added business development services such as insurance, automotive service and installation of recharging batteries, as exemplified by the role of “Director of Value-Added Delivery Services”. The role of “legal director” suggests that the company is looking to diversify, where the implementation of new activities may involve special research on legal policies and risks. He wishes to provide legal advice to prevent potential risks.

The company advertises senior-level jobs that suggest plans to standardize plant operations and develop overall business systems. Key positions include “Director of Service Products”, “Administrative Director (Plant Management)”, “Director of Insurance Operations” and “Managing Director of Innovance Ideal Joint Venture Factory”.

Mr. Thalluri concludes: “Li Auto recruits and trains staff at the regional level. The need for new hires has increased, with the company growing from 31 retail stores in August 2020 to 109. Hiring activity may continue as the company seeks to further expand its sales and service network.

Credits: Ajay Thalluri, Business Fundamentals Analyst at GlobalData