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Library Notes: Reading leads to learning and action during elections

Posted at 12:00 a.m. on Saturday, October 29, 2022

By Brooke K. Taylor
Rowan Public Library

“I love election season” no one ever said. OK, maybe there are people out there who enjoy months of persistent campaign signs on the side of the road, ads on TV, fliers in your mailbox, candidate polls on your cell phone, and calls for campaign money in your email. I am not one of them. I used to be. As a competitor, I have always enjoyed the struggle, strategy and ultimate success that are associated with sports and politics. But the past few years observing the political landscape have left me disillusioned and confused, not with the electoral process but with the climate that can accompany it. My hopes for bipartisanship at each level of government have unfortunately been dashed.

And so, as any good librarian does, I turned to books for knowledge and solace in an attempt to understand my fellow Americans and why it’s important for me to combat any feelings of apathy I might have. and go out and vote. Here are some titles that I found interesting and useful: “What You Should Know About Politics – But Don’t: A Nonpartisan Guide to the Issues” by Jessamyn Conrad and Naomi Wolf; “We Are Better Than This: My Fight for the Future of Our Democracy” by Elijah Cummings; “Give us the vote!” Over 200 years of struggle for the ballot” by Susan Goldman Rubin; and “United: How Our Unlikely Friendship Gives Us Hope for a Country Divided” by Tim Scott and Trey Gowdy.

If you have young adult or juvenile readers looking to understand voting, I can recommend “Vote for Our Future!” By Margaret McNamara and Micah Player; “I voted: Making a choice makes a difference” by Mark Shulman and Serge Bloch; and “Every Vote Counts: The Power of Your Voice in Student Supreme Court Elections” by Justice Tom Jacobs and Natalie Jacobs.

Each of these titles can be found at the Rowan Public Library and some are available digitally through the NC Digital Library with an RPL card. I encourage all of us to read, think, and then act this election season.

Brooke K. Taylor is Branch Operations Manager at the Rowan Public Library.


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