Meet the 30 Power Players of the Electric Vehicle Industry

  • Insider asked electric vehicle companies to name the industry’s most influential leaders.
  • Startups could nominate anyone except their CEOs, and Insider received over 110 nominations.
  • Meet 30 electric power players and learn how they are changing the industry.

The auto industry is heading towards an electric future, with major automakers and startups planning to spend some $330 billion on electrification through 2025 alone, according to Alix Partners.

It’s not just cars and their propulsion systems that are changing with these massive investments. Every aspect of the automotive ecosystem is transforming, from new charging infrastructure and fleet management operations to changes in the supply chain and recycling pipelines for new materials.

This shift from a centuries-old business model requires the skillful and innovative leadership of executives, engineers, and great thinkers from all corners of the manufacturing industry.

To find out who, exactly, is leading this adventure, Insider looked at not just the big players like Rivian and GM, but also the outfits that have come together to support a new kind of supply chain, from extracting materials from the ground to help the drivers. find a place to hook up.

From more than 110 nominations, we’ve selected 30 leaders as most likely to usher the auto industry into its electrified future. Read on to meet them all.

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