Mijenta Tequila launches a new expression

NEW YORK, NY— Mijenta, the award-winning sustainable tequila from the Highlands of Jalisco, has announced the release of its most exclusive and refined expression yet, Mijenta Añejo Gran Reserva. Aged for 18 months in a series of hand-selected casks to create its unique and sophisticated flavor profile, the ultra-premium small-batch spirit launched in the United States on May 2. The first release will be limited to 2,160 bottles.

Añejo follows the highly acclaimed expressions Blanco and Reposado de Mijenta, which were launched in September and December 2020 respectively. Mijenta Añejo Gran Reserva is produced using the award-winning Blanco as a base, a limited quantity of which is reserved expressly to produce this spirits. The tequila undergoes a complex 18-month aging process during which it matures in four different types of hand-selected casks, each contributing a unique property to the final expression. This aging process creates a complex, intense and refined profile distinct from other añejo tequilas.

From the search for the best agave and the hand selection of bespoke casks, to the aging and bottling of the spirit, the entire Añejo development process has been overseen by Ana Maria Romero Mena. One of Mexico’s most trusted, respected, and award-winning tequila authorities, Romero’s artistry and precision celebrate the traditions of Mexican craftsmanship, the best of the land and its people, while letting the distinctive terroir of the highlands of Jalisco. Recognized virtuoso, Mijenta Añejo Gran Reserva is his latest masterpiece.

On the intricacies behind its bespoke aging process, Maestra Tequilera shared, “We have developed a unique approach to creating Mijenta Añejo Gran Reserva that makes it unlike any other aged tequila. The process begins by allowing the tequila to mature in American white oak barrels before being transferred to French oak barrels, which begin to develop its flavor profile and texture. Further aging in acacia barrels enhances the body while adding a slight herbaceous and citrus note before the final two months are completed in cherry oak barrels – as opposed to more traditional sherry casks – which enhances fruity notes. Importantly, Mijenta tequila never includes any additional sweeteners or flavorings – its taste profile comes entirely from agave, traditional distillation methods, and time spent ripening to perfection.

On the nose, Añejo de Mijenta has hints of cocoa, toffee and tobacco, while the palate is presented with a lovely cornucopia of dried stone fruits and elegant spices, including mace, anise and saffron. Flavors of sweet caramelized baked agave playfully unfold on the tongue, accompanied by elegant vanilla and subtle coffee notes from the variety of individually selected casks.

“Designed to be an incomparable ultra-premium tequila, Mijenta’s carefully curated Añejo is truly exceptional. When you gather with family or friends to celebrate, this tequila won’t just mark a special occasion – it will be an occasion itself. Aged in four premium cask types for 18 months, Añejo has an extremely refined and completely unique depth, complexity and palate,” added Mijenta co-founder and mixologist Juan Coronado.

“I am thrilled that Blanco and Reposado have resonated with such an ardent tequila-loving community, and it is incredibly exciting to share our long-awaited Añejo. Care, artistry and innovation shine in a way that makes this Añejo unique in the market,” said co-founder and lead investor Mike Dolan. “While each expression of our tequila is completely unique, the true soul of Mijenta is the set of core values ​​that run through all aspects of the business, including the tequila itself, the packaging and our commitment to community.”

Created by co-founder and director of sustainability, Elise Som, the packaging design of Mijenta Añejo Gran Reserva is inspired by the blue night sky in the highlands of Arandas where the folk story Centzon Totochtin is represented under a bright crescent moon. Mijenta is always carefully designed with a commitment to environmental sustainability and support for the local community. All paper-related components (label and box) are made from agave waste and the organization is committed to sustainable practices, minimizing its environmental impact.

Priced at $199 (750ml), the tequila will be available to order in the United States at shopmijenta.com and siptequila.com. Mijenta Añejo Gran Reserva will be sold exclusively online for the first two months, after which it will be available at top retailers in select states.

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