Near Death Experience Leads to ‘Divine’ Business Idea for Reidsville Native | New

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Growing up, Patricia Neal, 49, fondly remembers helping her mother prepare her special fruit punch every Christmas for the family. Over the years, she began to make her own unique blend of lemonade and sweet tea.

Busy with her car detailing business, perfecting her lemonade was something she did in her spare time. Then, in 2013, life threw a snowball at Neal, and the old adage “When life gives you lemons, use them to make lemonade” became his motto.

A battle with breast cancer and then pneumonia led her to start Divine Lemonades, a home-based lemonade business, in 2016. A local convenience store owner asked her to bring 75 of her bottles, with labels made. by hand, and within hours, Divine Lemonades sold out.

“At that point, I knew I had something special,” Neal said.

She started by making her original lemonade and mango lemonade recipe, and the flavor list expanded to 68 lemonade tea blends. The company has grown considerably and will soon be operating its first brick and mortar manufacturing plant in Reidsville.

Its lemonades and teas are available in over 60 stores, including local convenience stores, grocery stores, and a few restaurants in Eden; Reidsville; Danville, Virginia; Ridgeway, Virginia; Greensboro; Browns Summit; Salisbury; Lexington; Winston-Salem; Charlotte; and Gastonie.

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