Poll: Stitt leads Hofmeister 47% -32%, Lankford comfortably leads his main opponents | Government-and-politics

Joy Hofmeister, Superintendent of Public Education for Oklahoma, speaks at an event with Governor Kevin Stitt in May.

Doug Hoke, The Oklahoman File

Republican incumbents mostly got what they wanted in their stocking stuffers when Oklahoma City-based Amber Integrated provided some solid poll numbers.

AI’s Dec. 15-19 poll of 500 registered Oklahoma voters shows Gov. Kevin Stitt is the likely leader of 2022 Democratic opponent Joy Hofmeister 47% -32%, and the top two challengers from the most well-known GOPs of US Senator James Lankford to single digits among Republicans. voters.

In a face-to-face meeting, Lankford received the green light from 56% of Republican voters polled, compared to 9% for Senator Nathan Dahm and 8% for Jackson Lahmeyer.

Among all voters, approval of Lankford’s job stood at 48%, with 65% among Republicans.

That compares to an overall approval of 51% for Stitt and 42% for U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe, who is not on the 2022 ballot.

Opinions on Stitt’s performance were sharply divided by party, with Republicans giving him a boost from 69% to 21% and Democrats saying the opposite from 60% to 29%.

The independents were also divided on the question, 37% to 37% with 25% without commitment.

Both Stitt and Hofmeister are expected to outlast their main opponents, although there has been speculation that Hofmeister – until recently a longtime Republican – would struggle to win over Democratic Party regulars.