PPC Expert Explores: Do Performance Max Campaigns Really Boost Business Leads?

London, United Kingdom – May 31, 2022 – from google Maximum performance campaigns (pMax), introduced in 2021, use AI to improve your marketing campaigns and achieve better results.

pMax was designed to help you generate leads and sales online. It enhances your keyword-based search campaigns to attract more converting customers from Google’s channels, while allowing PPC professionals to access all of their Google Ads inventory from a single campaign. .

pMax are goal-based campaigns that you feed with assets (such as images or videos) and audience signals (such as demographics, interests, or first-party data). Then, using artificial intelligence and machine learning, relevant and engaging ads are created and delivered (within your budget) across the Google platforms that will target your audience, such as YouTube, Gmail, Search , etc. This in turn will help convert online leads into sales, in real time. But how effective are pMax campaigns in practice? This PPC guru reflects on pMax, its pros and cons, and issues a warning:

“The idea behind Performance Max campaigns is fantastic, however, we are concerned about the lack of control and unavailability of reporting for this type of campaign. It is not clear to us where the budget is allocated and how much is spent on each placement, which makes it difficult to eliminate budget waste. We anticipate that our customers will have the same concerns. We have not yet seen how this type of campaign will develop and we hope that these concerns will be resolved in the near future. . – Lenka Stefanakova, senior account strategist for PPC, The Brains

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