Prediction Market Says Ron DeSantis ‘Leads’ 2024 Race

The ambiguity in at least one prediction market related to the 2024 presidential race appears to be resolving, with the governor of Florida leading the way.

A Friday “Predictive Insights” email from the PredictIt platform proclaimed that Ron DeSantis “leads the race 2024” as that of Joe Biden “age is catching up with him,” the latest in a series of nudges for the governor’s still-theoretical route to the White House.

Analysis trumpets this week University of New Hampshire poll that showed DeSantis ahead of Biden in general election and former dominant donald trump in the Republican primary, even as the governor’s runs were within the margin of error in both hypothetical matchups.

“The New Hampshire poll is the latest sign that DeSantis might have enough juice with voters to take on Trump, or to take on the role if the former president doesn’t run in 2024. Earlier this month, DeSantis said beat Trump in a straw poll at a conservative summit in Colorado for the second year in a row. This coincided with other wins in straw polls in Wisconsin and Nevada,” PredictIt insists.

DeSantis continues to soar, meanwhile. PredictIt notes that he was tied with Trump in the GOP primary race as recently as June 19, but has since surged, with its “Yes” shares valued at 41 cents, five cents above the former president on Friday at noon.

A similar dynamic is at play in the Presidential Predictions Marketwith the latest DeSantis “Yes” stock price at 36 cents nine cents above the former president and 15 cents above the declining Biden.

DeSantis continues to deny interest in a presidential race, mocking what he called a media “obsessionabout a possible campaign during his last press conference.

DeSantis has been shy when asked circa 2024, calling the chatter about it “nonsense” for months. He avoided this topic as recently as a FoxNews interview this month. He continues to minimize recent mock polls showing him as one of the main candidates for the presidency in 2024.

Trump, meanwhile, continues to try to put DeSantis in a subordinate role, telling a friend newsmax interviewer this week, he was “very responsible” for the former congressman’s victory in the governor’s race four years ago.

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