ProJo’s 5 best performances during last weekend’s RIIL football action

It was state championship opening weekend, Division I, II, and III playoffs and Division IV finished their regular season, so there were a lot of big games. Here’s a list of last weekend’s top five performances, a slew of honorable mentions, and our Special Teams Stars of the Week.

Tolman's Elijah Osei, in action here earlier this season, played a massive game against Mount Pleasant on Friday night, rushing 22 times for 204 yards and catching two passes for 45 yards.

5. Élie Osei


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Osei’s roster as a running back isn’t entirely accurate as now that the Tigers have Aaron Carrion under center they’re moving the senior all over the pitch. In Friday’s D-II quarterfinal against number one seed Mount Pleasant, Osei started with a 59-yard rush and didn’t give up until Tolman came out with the 20-6 knockdown. Although he couldn’t find the end zone, he had 22 carries for 204 yards and caught two assists for 45 yards as the Tigers were the surprise winner of the weekend.

4. Wes Cournoyer



The Broncos were shorthanded in Sunday’s DI prelims against Woonsocket, using freshmen to fill positions normally filled by injured seniors. It didn’t matter because Cournoyer was under the center. The senior QB showed his versatility, using his legs to lead Burrillville onto the field and his arm to score points on the board. He didn’t throw for many yards – 12 for 23 for 65 – but he did manage to throw three touchdowns. Cournoyer did most of his damage with his feet, running 12 times for 110 yards and one scoring, giving Burrillville the 26-0 victory.

3. Dean Varrecchione

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Pinned to the 1-yard line after the Rams defense offered a position on the goal line, the junior came out and threw an 89-yard touchdown pass to Brady Fisher and had the Rams run in their half. state championship final against South Kingstown. Varrecchione completed 11 of 14 passes for 274 yards and three touchdowns. The junior – not exactly the fleet of the foot – punctuated his evening with an 18-yard touchdown run, much to the delight of his teammates in La Salle’s 42-3 win.

2. Marquis Buchanan


Wide receiver

Another week, another game in which Marquis Buchanan had Marquis Buchanan play. Purple crushed Coventry the last time the two sides met, but on Saturday the Oakers were up 8-0, before Buchanan took over. He scored on a 63-yard reception to cut the deficit to two, then turned a tilt into a 63-yard lead and a 12-6 Classic lead never gave up. Buchanan added to his performance with an 8-yard TD to give Purple a chance to breathe in the fourth quarter. He finished with seven catches for 199 yards.

1. Luke Marley

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Wide receiver

When the Bulldogs needed a big game, Marley did it. At the end of the game, the elder had what is believed to be the best reception day in school history. Marley finished Friday’s 35-23 win over Barrington with 11 catches for 219 yards, each catch being bigger than the next. He landed a ridiculous 40-yard catch early on, then hit a 22-yard sideline that halved the Bulldogs’ lead. Tied at 21, Marley made his biggest play – a 77-yard touchdown that gave Westerly the lead in earnest, paving the way for the Bulldogs to the D-II semifinals.

Honorable mention

Joey Acciardo, Johnston (2 touchdowns received, 2 INT in victory against Middletown); CJ Almagno, North Providence (TD pass, TD tip in victory over Scituate); Jo’el Baker, Cumberland (19-152-2 rushed in victory over East Greenwich); Evan Beese, Portsmouth (2-69-2 received in win over Shea); Zach Bianco, Narragansett (10-127-3 received in victory over Central Falls / BVP); Brady Burke, Pilgrim (5-82-2 received in victory over Toll Gate); Aaron Carrion, Tolman (two direct touchdowns, overtakes touchdown in win over Mount Pleasant); Carson Conheeny, Portsmouth (8-112-1 rushing into victory over Shea); Jalen Dennis, Recurve (17-35-253-2 passing in victory over Coventry); Christian Dimery, Exeter-West Greenwich / Prout (118 on ground, TD caught in victory over Hope); Collin Fitts, Chariho (13-107-1 rushing into victory over NSMSC); Reider Fry, Narragansett (24-172-1 on ground, caught TD in win over Central Falls / BVP); Matt Gibeau, Burrillville (7-31-2 in win over Woonsocket); Jamezell Lassiter, La Salle (pick 6 in victory over South Kingstown); Danny Halliwell, Pilgrim (10-195-3 on ground in victory over Toll Gate); Vince Harris, North Providence (98 receiving yards, touchdown, Pick 6 in win over Scituate); Dimetri Iafrate, La Salle (4-124-1 received in victory over South Kingstown); Ethan McCann-Carter, St. Raphael (two direct touchdowns, Pick 6 and two INTs overall in the win over Moses Brown); Hunter Mumford, Exeter-West Greenwich / Prout (15-144-3 rushing into victory over Hope); Matt Patenaude, Davies (21-125-3 on ground in victory over Tiverton); Cam Pedro, Cumberland (16-136-2 starting off in victory over East Greenwich); Hunter Remington (two TD assists, one TD in the win over Middletown); Phil Theroux, Narragansett (20-37-234-5 passing in victory over Central Falls / BVP); Zack Tuck, Westerly (25-162-3 in win over Barrington);

Oscar Weah, Hendricken (11-73-2 rushing into victory over North Kingstown); Connor Widmer, Pilgrim (10-17-167-3 passing in victory over Toll Gate); Lance Williams, Westerly (12-20-226-1 passing, TD rushed into victory over Barrington); Theron Zarwea, Central (8-100-2 on ground in win over East Providence).

Special teams Stars of the week

Teresa Andruzzi / Max Wallace, La Salle (combined 4/4 XP in the win over South Kingstown); Daishon Alves, Shea (90 yards return TD in loss to Portsmouth); Jonah Costa, St. Raphael (4/5 XPs in victory over Moses Brown); Jayden Falcone, Hendricken (two blocked punters in win over North Kingstown); Ben Hurd, Portsmouth (TD 72 yard punt return in win over Shea); Chad Mayne, Westerly (5/5 XP in win over Barrington); Dan O’Horo, Chariho (4/4 XP in victory against NSMSC); Andrew Perry, Portsmouth (6/6 XP, 1/1 FG in victory over Shea); Nate Revis (TD stuck 18 yard punt recovery in win over North Kingstown).

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