Ronn Torossian on generating leads through PR and content marketing

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, May 18, 2022 / — Ronn Torossian, founder of 5WPR, says the cost of acquiring new customers has increased in recent years, which means companies are finding it’s more important than ever to identify quality leads and convert them as quickly as possible. When businesses can combine their PR and content marketing efforts, they can end up leveraging the existing audience to generate new leads. When PR teams are able to incorporate content marketing strategies that are typically used to drive more engagement, they can generate more high-quality leads that have an existing connection with the target audience.

Public relations
The objective of public relations is to educate the existing target audience, such as social media followers, customers, stakeholders, etc., on various topics that may be of interest to them. Assets created by PR teams, including e-books, white papers, and press releases, can be shared with relevant outlets or news websites to reach the target audience already interested in the business.

Content Marketing
Ronn Torossian adds that, like public relations, content marketing focuses on developing and communicating valuable information to the target audience. However, in terms of content marketing, the goal is to consistently create high-value, relevant, and timely content. Then, companies should share these pieces of content with the goal of engaging new customers in the company or its solutions and expanding the overall target audience. Content marketing efforts often focus on creating and distributing email marketing campaigns that will encourage subscribers to open emails and click through to see new products or download various reports. Content marketing teams are also responsible for creating content for social media platforms, or newsletters, and coordinating various marketing collaborations, such as those companies need to create with social media influencers.

Combining PR and Content Marketing
When companies are able to combine their content marketing and public relations efforts, they can generate many new leads. On the one hand, public relations efforts provide potential customers with relevant information to build relationships between the company and the target audience. On the other hand, through content marketing efforts, businesses can streamline the conversion process by turning their leads into buying customers. When these two elements are combined, businesses can quickly generate many more leads who will be much more likely to convert, as well as share their positive experiences with friends or family, all of whom can become new customers as well. potentials. for the company.

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