Scott Ruth takes Cogburn Electric to the next level

For a long time, Scott Ruth thought about becoming a doctor. Then things changed.

“I thought I wanted to be a surgeon until I realized 10 more years of schooling wasn’t for me after college,” Ruth said.

Today he is the owner and president of Cogburn Electric.

“I’m second generation at Cogburn,” Ruth said. “My father founded the company in 1975. I fell into the family mold after graduating in 1994 from Cedarville. Growing up doing electrical work, the transition was easy.

Now 50, Ruth grew up in Marion, graduated from River Valley High School in 1990, then earned a BA in pre-medical biology with a minor in Bible from Cedarville College in 1994.

“Growing up,” he recalls, “I was often found outside doing something, like taking a walk in the woods or riding a mountain bike.”

“I started working in and around the business when I was 12 and basically during my teenage years,” added Ruth. “If I wasn’t going to school or playing sports, I was working and helping with jobs. I worked on the pitch with the guys until 1999 when I took over. managing day-to-day operations, I quickly realized that I liked the business side of what we were doing over the electrical installation side.”

The company began to grow and develop in 2000.

“Today, Cogburn is an electrical service company working throughout Ohio and surrounding states,” Ruth noted. “My role in the company is president, managing key accounts and helping develop our team.”

“Scott has a real desire to help people,” said Rich Wolf, the company’s chief operating officer. “He was really successful in taking Cogburn to the next level. His passion for the electrical business and helping people in our trade was great to watch. I can’t wait to see where things go for Cogburn and our team in the next 5-10 years! »

“Our goal is to help people,” confirmed Ruth. “God has given us a certain set of skills in life that revolve around anything electrical. It’s just about applying our God-given gifts to serve and help people. I wouldn’t want it otherwise.

Cogburn Electric Inc. is located at 2890 Harding Highway E. Unit D in Marion. For more information, call 740-223-8052 or log in

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