Search it on Google! But check that the website is real

A small business employee Google searched for the bank used for payroll. The first entry was a fake site.

GREENSBORO, NC – Suppose you wanted to renew your driver’s license, most of us would google where and how you do it. It’s a pretty common thing to do, but when you do that, all kinds of entries appear. Let’s say you see an entry that is and click on it. When it shows up, this is a site where you can renew your license, but it is not the official state site, it is a third party and will charge you a fee.

This type of advertising is legal, but there are also many scam sites. You really have to pay attention to the address of the site.
It could cost you dearly.

For example, an employee of a small business Google searched for the website of the bank that the small business uses for payroll. She typed in “key browser” and clicked on the first listing on Google.

It looked like the website, so she logged in with her password, then the website appeared saying the site was under maintenance, but it was a fake website trying to throw her away and make money. time so that the crooks can use his information to make withdrawals. The crooks took $ 249,000 from the small business bank account.

“Criminals are very good at it, they’ve actually really perfected this over time. It’s a business, ”said FBI unit chief Donna Gregory.

Key Bank has confirmed a “trend” of “spoofed websites” and said it “identified and helped remove approximately 150” of these bogus sites.

The small business contract with the bank said it would not allow payments over $ 25,000 per week, but the bank did not take responsibility for the money lost. The bank and the small business came to a settlement to get the money back.

The general caveat is that not all consumers just search for a site on Google – check the website address to confirm it is correct.

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