Shaquille Leonard and Jonathan Taylor are the latest Colts revealed in the top 20 of the NFL Top 100

The Indianapolis Colts had five players in the NFL Top 100 list with Shaquille Leonard and Jonathan Taylor in the top 20.

On Sunday, NFL Network wrapped up the list of the NFL’s Top 100 Players as voted exclusively by players. Three Indianapolis Colts players have already been revealed ahead of Sunday with Kenny Moore ranked No. 82, DeForest Buckner at No. 66 and Quenton Nelson at No. 28. Sunday, as the final 20 players were named, the Colts have some saw two more. names revealed.

Linebacker Shaquille Leonard was ranked No. 18 by his peers and Jonathan Taylor debuted on the list in solid fashion, coming in at No. 5. Other NFL players had plenty of good things to say about Leonard and Taylor .

Shaquille Leonard ranked No. 18 in NFL Top 100

Coming in at No. 18, Leonard was the second off-ball linebacker on the list, behind Defensive Rookie of the Year Micah Parsons, who debuted at No. 16. Along with Parsons, the only other defensemen ranked ahead of Leonard were Myles Garrett, Jalen Ramsey, TJ Watt and Aaron Donald.

When breaking down Leonard’s standings, of course, players raved about his ability to force turnovers. Starting with his punch, players expressed how abnormal it is that Leonard can force fumbles with the routine. But his ability to get interceptions was also appreciated. New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones has revealed he calls Leonard “Eight Arms” because his long arms seem like they can reach anything and disrupt passing lanes.

Jonathan Taylor debuts at No. 5 on the NFL Top 100

Taylor’s roster debut comes after his second season in the NFL and he’s coming in big. After a stellar season that saw him lead the league in rushing yards and rushing touchdowns, Taylor was voted the NFL’s fifth-best player. This made him the highest ranked running back and the only offensive players behind Aaron Rodgers, Cooper Kupp and Tom Brady.

When Taylor’s peers described his game, they basically explained how he was the complete package as a running back. While everyone knew he was a physical, agile fullback who could pick up pieces, his surprising speed was a constant theme. However, Taylor ran a 4.39 at the combine, and after breaking several long runs last season, he won’t surprise anyone again.

Taylor, Leonard and the Colts will all enter this upcoming season with high expectations. They’re a promising team with several established top players and it’s time to translate that talent into playoff success. Indianapolis will look to its two best players, Jonathan Taylor and Shaquille Leonard, to lead the team through the year.