Skillet conducts 11th album ‘Dominion’ with video for new song

Veteran rockers Skillet have teased the release of their new song, “Surviving the Game,” and now that the music video for the track has finally arrived, the band have also released details of their 11th album, Domination.

“Surviving the Game” comes from a personal empowerment point on what frontman John Cooper described in a video question-and-answer session as a “provocative” album that is a reaction to a climate based on fear. Musically, this album opener leans into an electronically / rhythm-based direction with Cooper’s rhythmic vocal delivery masked by a gritty filter that helps drive out the nervous tension that is released with a thunderous, fist-shaking chorus. .

The singer / bassist described “Surviving the Game” as “a provocative song about not giving in to the fear that the world is and has been through. This song brings a sense of survival; you have to do what you have to do. for to get your life back; a challenge against fear and the things that want to hold you back. For many it’s depression, isolation, loneliness, suicidal thoughts etc. This song is about becoming the person you are are meant to be and come out on the other side of all the madness. “

“‘Domination is about celebrating freedom, a release from fear – being who we want to be, saying what we want to say, believing what we want to believe. In some ways, it’s a reminder of the God-given rights we were born with. It’s time to take back some sort of control over our lives and not be a slave to fear, “Cooper continued, commenting on the upcoming album. Their faces!”

Watch the video for “Surviving the Game” near the bottom of the page and read the lyrics directly below. The Domination The album, which was produced by Kevin Churko, will be released on January 14, 2022 via Atlantic Records. Check out the illustration and track list below and pre-order your copy of the album here.

Skillet, “Surviving the Game” Lyrics

To be more than a conqueror
You have to learn to appreciate the pain
If you want to survive the game

You can try to beat me (beat me)
You don’t know it’s the pain that will feed me (feed me)
And I’ll take back what you took before
Because i was born for this

All the bones you break (break)
You pretend you’re the one who can save me (save me)
Now I’m taking it back – it was never yours
I fight

Fight for my focus
Give a purpose to pain
Light the fire inside
Feel it come alive (come alive)
Show them what I’m made of
Victories for the brave
Who never flexes the knee when it’s do or die

Once again

Survive the game
i can be unstoppable
Go walk through hell
Go shake the walls
Survive – Survive the game

Live the impossible
I’m a champion, Indestructible
Survive – because I am

Survive the game
i can be unstoppable
Gonna be indestructible
i can be unstoppable
Gonna be indestructible

All the liars around me (around me)
Like wolves on the walls they surround me (around me)
In the face of fear, I keep my head up
I will conquer this

I go out like a lion (lion)
I was born to challenge demons (bite)
And I will never let this kingdom fall
i will show them

Show them what you’re made of
Victories for the brave
Never bend the knee because it’s do or die

I am more than a conqueror
The past behind me, life is ahead
I will take the path of the Warrior
I walk alone without fear until death

Skillet, Surviving the Game “Music video

Skillet, Domination Album cover + track list

01. “Survive the game”
02. “Standing in the storm”
03. “Domination”
04. “Valley of Death”
05. “Beyond the incredible”
06. “Fate”
07. “Refuge”
08. “Shout out your freedom”
09. “Destroyer”
10. “Forever or the end”
11. “Ignite”
12. “White Horse”

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