Spirit Adrift Debuts New Song Feel Good ‘Wake Up’ Off New EP

Spirit Adrift has carved out a wonderful niche for itself in the modern era of classically-styled heavy metal and “Wake Up”, the latest song from the Forge your future EP, is proof of the group’s continued strength and power.

Engaging the feel-good sensibility of Scorpions’ big hits, Spirit Adrift offered another uplifting metal anthem, which follows on from the EP’s title track, which was on our list of the best metal songs of 2021 (until now).

“Wake Up” couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. As the world turns in darkness and death, Spirift Adrift offers a venerable escape from the traps of life and reminds us of the strength and courage that can be summoned within ourselves.

“The ‘Wake Up’ video marks the third time we’ve worked with Guilherme Henriques, and these collaborations sort of produce better results every time. Guilherme has become a crucial contributor to the way we express ourselves visually,” a started guitarist / singer Nate Garrett.

“For this video, he and I started by discussing a certain Alan Moore race story arc on Swamp thing comics, and our own unique vision took shape from there, ”he continued.

Speaking about the song itself, Spirit’s visionary Adrift explained, “’Wake Up’ was written at the height of the toilet paper buying frenzy. As usual, I was totally disgusted with it. humanity and I needed to write about it. This song celebrates why we all fell into metal / rock n roll in the first place. Music is a way of life that lets us free ourselves from expectations fools of a sick society. While this video is our first foray into anything that looks like fun or humor, it wholeheartedly delivers the heartfelt message of the song. TURN ON, TUNE IN, DROP OUT . “

Watch the video for “Wake Up” below and see the Forge your future Illustration of the EP and list of songs further down the page. EP releases August 27 on Century Media and pre-orders can be placed here.

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Spirit Adrift, “Wake Up” music video

Drifting mind, Forge your future EP illustration + track list

1. “Forge your future”
2. “Wake up”
3. “Invisible enemy”

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