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To alert workers to hazards in industrial facilities, officials sought a way to print safety labels on-site. Labels not only had to stay in place, but they also had to be compliant and meet changing regulations. By launching the on-demand security tagging solution in September 2021, Westminster, Colorado-based Brother Mobile Solutions responded to the needs of its customers. The product also just won the Platinum Award in the EC&M Product of the Year 2022 competition based on reader votes.

“We wanted to provide users with an easy way to design and print compliant security labels specific to the needs of their facilities,” says Kelly Swift, senior marketing manager for Brother Mobile Solutions, a mobile printing/printing provider, portable and industrial. labeling solutions. “The labels had to be resistant to the elements and rigors of the industrial environment with a variety of colors and types to meet compliance at an affordable price.”

The product has been on the company’s radar for five years. Although the company received customer requests to print safety labels with its printers, it did not have the proper equipment to print the colors, size and durability needed for safety signage.

Over the course of 18 to 24 months, the company performed extensive testing on matched substrates with thermal transfer ribbons as well as print driver and internal printer settings. Various adjustments had to be made during the testing process, and printer, media, and driver settings all had to be fine-tuned.

“With extensive testing, we made many small adjustments to print speed and darkness to maximize image and print quality for each media type,” says Swift.

Engineering, sales and marketing departments worked together to create the portable, easy-to-use solution, which includes printers, software and supplies. Users can now create and apply safety signage in various formats to meet OSHA, ANSI, NEC and other safety standards. The Brother TD-4750TNWBCS installation and label printer, which offers lifetime technical support, produces durable, high-resolution (300 dpi) labels. The built-in cutter eliminates the need for scissors.

“Durable labels and tapes stand up to the toughest environments and, when paired with the power of thermal transfer printing, can stay stuck and readable for years,” says Duane Yamashita, senior product manager for Brother MobileSolutions.

LabelSuite security label design software, which is included free with the purchase of the printer, makes it easy to design on-demand signs right on the spot, says Swift. Users can print high quality, durable and compliant labels in desired colors and sizes to meet their needs.

When designing secondary pipe markers and GHS labels, a virtual design wizard guides users through the process. After answering a series of questions, the software designs the appropriate label and directs users to the correct label to use. Customers can also use the software, labels and printing solution to print other labels around a facility including 5S labels, rack/bin labels and labels for shipping and pallets with different types of labels.

“There are hundreds of templates and thousands of symbols to make designing arc flash compliant signs, OSHA compliant general safety labels, and more easy,” says Swift. “Plus, the wide variety of label options in compliant colors and sizes support compliance, so you don’t have to be an expert to design and print compliant safety signs.”

Designed for safety managers, EHS managers and facility managers, the labeling solution allows customers to print exactly what they need – in the quantity they want – to fit the size of their installation at a lower price than competing products.

“Pre-printed safety signs require a minimum purchase, and you usually have to buy more than you need,” says Swift. “They also have shipping times and are not specific to your installation.”

Swift says users can help keep workers safe and increase efficiency by printing the safety signs they need when they need them.

“They can immediately identify and communicate a hazard to their workers rather than waiting a week to put the right signage in place,” she says. “At the end of the day, worker safety is most important. It is essential to be able to create clear and compliant safety labels as soon as a hazard is identified, which will last and remain legible. »

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Milwaukee Tool won the Silver Award for its M18 Utility Remote Control Search Light Kit with Portable Base. The IP56 rated floodlight can be used to illuminate inaccessible areas when mounted on a bucket truck or attached to the M18 portable base. The wireless joystick remote gives linemen complete control over light positioning. The light can switch from spot mode, which produces up to 1,250 yds of beam distance, to flood mode, which provides 4,250 lm of visibility over a larger area.

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Created in 2001, the EC&M The Product of the Year competition recognizes excellence in the development of new products for the electrical industry. Honoring inventiveness in product design, as well as improvements in safety and efficiency, the competition’s two-part judging and voting process determines the most groundbreaking products of the past year that enable professionals electrical design, installers and maintenance personnel to carry out their work. more efficiently and effectively.

Products eligible for this year’s competition were those introduced to the market between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021. A hand-picked panel of judges ranked the 103 products entered into this year’s competition based on a uniform list of scoring criteria. , ultimately selecting 31 category winners for the first phase of the competition. These category winners were then narrowed down to just three finalists through an online survey available to our readers on the EC&M website. EC&M subscribers determined the award-winning platinum, gold and silver products of the year by voting.