Subskription launches personalized product deposit platform for influencers

Subskription, an innovative online platform that disrupts and changes influencer marketing recently launched, empowers influencers and taste makers to better serve and capitalize on their followers by creating personalized monthly drops that bypass traditional brand partnerships. , increasing payments and offering exclusive access to unique products.

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The subscription allows influencers to create a platform through which they can reward fan loyalty with exclusive access to their lifestyle offering limited edition monthly drops, allowing them to monetize their fan base and their style. of life.

The subscription provides turnkey access to design, sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, customer service, and digital marketing. Specializing in fast-turning national supply chains across various industries, Subskription enables influencers to create a platform through which they can reward fan loyalty with exclusive access to their lifestyle offering monthly drops in publishing. limited. Influencers and trend-setters have the unique opportunity to build their own recurring selling platform, seamlessly linked to all social channels, and designed to monetize and connect their fan base to a subscription model with exclusive access to gently designed and practically personalized limited edition products. creating their unique label and sold exclusively under the influencer proprietary brand.

“This is a game-changer for influencers looking to build a sustainable and lucrative business,” said Ron Miller, co-founder of Subskription. “When an influencer gets paid as an affiliate or to promote a single product or service, they lose control of their subscribers’ experience, they lose control of the data and only see a small percentage of the revenue they generate. by the brand. . With Subskription, (yes with a K, because we do it just a little differently) the influencer not only organizes the products with their unique personalized label, but they also keep all the purchase data and they profit by creating income. recurring which they ultimately control. “

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Products are secured through fast-moving national supply chains across various industries and shipped to fans on a monthly basis. This allows influencers and taste makers to reward fan loyalty and offer an exclusive membership not only to the products, but their lifestyle as well. For example, one subscription might include high-end personalized clothing and jewelry, while another might include fashion accessories and home decor items.

Founded by Miller and co-founder Steve Yaro, Subskription was born out of the duo’s 30 years of collective experience in the entertainment, apparel and finance industries. In 2000, the duo founded Industry Rag, a vertically integrated, high-end fast fashion manufacturing powerhouse specializing in the national design and development of fully customizable “Made in USA” clothing. Armed with a proven successful business model and growing popularity of the subscription box and influencers at an exponential rate, Yaro and Miller sought to apply the same model to a large and growing group of entrepreneurs facing a plethora of challenges.

“We recognized how hard influencers and trendsetters work to strengthen their online presence and the time they invest in building a fan base. It’s pretty difficult without the added pressure of figuring out how to successfully monetize this base, ”Yaro said. “Our solution was to deliver high-end products that were quickly selected that could be sold and delivered seamlessly without the heavy burdens and expense of logistical barriers such as sourcing, long lead times and high shipping costs. With Subskription, this process is done virtually with just a “click”. The products are then sent directly to their subscribers showcasing their own unique brand, allowing them not only to make the most of their lifestyle, but also to do what they do best: be themselves.

Yaro and Miller created Subskription with an initial investment of $ 1.4 million. After several high profile and successful drops, the platform continues to work with several individually selected and strategic influencers in different market segments to refine the process before going mainstream in early 2022. Subskription already has a long list of influencers. interested in the platform who have joined the waitlist, and all interested influencers can email [email protected] to join the list.

Although the concept of subscription is not new, its popularity has grown over the past decade. In many forms, it offers the average consumer a simplified taste and luxury experience in a convenient and affordable manner. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, saw a dramatic increase in subscriptions. Financial services firm UBS predicts that “subscription economy” will reach $ 1.5 trillion by 2025, more than double the $ 650 billion it is currently worth. According to a study by Emarsys, nearly a third of American consumers subscribe to a retail subscription box of some type, spending an average of $ 57 per month. The subscription sets itself apart from the rest in that it offers consumers something that others will not give: the ability to subscribe to their favorite lifestyle online and receive exclusive premium products while at the same time. simultaneously offering influencers their own premium brand without any upfront issues. pocket expenses.

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