Sustaining the Food System November 15-17

In other words, how can the food industry stop being part of the problem and become part of the solution?

In our FREE digital summit Sustaining the food systemHosted by Elaine Watson and Liz Crawford from November 15-17, we will explore three themes over three days via a combination of fireside chats and panel discussions with stakeholdersof the entire supply chain, from farm (or bioreactor) to fork…

  • November 15: Food Tech in Focus​ (precision fermentation; meat 2.0; dairy 2.0)
  • November 16: Food as Medicine​ (Western Diet Upgrade; Emerging Functional Ingredients)
  • November 17: The circular economy​ (climate-smart strategies, packaging, food waste, upcycling)

We know that not everyone can afford to spend the whole day attending a virtual event, so we have divided each day into two small sessions of around 90 minutes, so that you can Registerfor the whole thing, or choose and mix the sessions that interest you the most.



Sustainable sourcing for colors, flavors and sweeteners; and chart a future for milk… without cows

11am-12:45pm central time

PANEL: Biosynthesis: Fermentation and the Future of Flavours, Colors and Sweeteners ​Does it still make sense to extract flavors, colors, sweeteners and other food ingredients from plants if you can produce them more efficiently – and more sustainably – via microbial fermentation, “cell-free” approaches or plant cell culture?

  • Dr Joshua Britton, founder and CEOBeginning Biotech
  • Nape Spanton, founder and CEOSeaweed Provectus
  • Dr David Welch, ​CSO and co-founderSynthetic Capital
  • Ricky Cassini, CEO and co-founderMicrome
  • Dr Erin Marasco, global head of biologyCargil
  • MODERATOR: Elaine Watson​, editor-in-chief, FoodNavigator-USA

PANEL: Dairy Products 2.0​: Plant-based milks now represent more than 15% of the liquid milk market, while plant-based cheeses, creams, yogurts and ice creams continue to gain ground. So where does the market go next, where is the white space in the category, and what is the potential for a new wave of “animal-free dairy” products made with real milk protein and fat, without the cows?

  • Miyoko Schinner, founder and CEOMiyoko Creamery
  • Dave Ritterbush, CEOCalifornia Farms
  • Matt Gibson, co-founder and CEONew culture
  • IFF Feed TBC
  • MODERATOR: Elaine Watson​, editor-in-chief, FoodNavigator-USA

meat afternoon future


1:30-3:00 p.m. Central Time

CAT IN THE HEART OF FIRE: Cell-grown meat: Foodtech fantasy or the future of meat?

Dr. Elliot Swartz, Senior Scientist, Cultured Meat, The Good Food Institute and Elaine Watson, Managing Editor, FoodNavigator-USA

Growing meat from cells in bioreactors instead of living, breathing animals should logically be more efficient, as resources are spent growing only the cells that make up the meat product rather than keeping an animal alive. So is cultured meat a no-brainer, or is the technology facing “unsolvable” food-scale problems?

PANEL: Meat 2.0: Weakening sales in the alternative meat segment prompting serious introspection, what does the future hold for meat alternatives, how do the available options stack up, what will separate the winners from the losers in the category and how do consumers feel about the next generation of meat?

  • Ethan Brown, co-founder and CEO, Beyond meat
  • Dr. Lisa Dyson, founder and CEOAir Protein
  • Doctor Tyler Huggins​, co-founder, meat foods
  • Abena Foli, regulatory affairs managerOrganic Orbillion
  • MODERATOR: ​Elaine Watson, Editor-in-Chief, FoodNavigator-USA




Improving the Western Diet

11 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Central time

CAT IN THE HEART OF FIRE: Is the Western Diet Killing Us Slowly? The Western diet – and the modern world, from antibiotic use to hyper-sanitary environments – is wreaking havoc on our microbiome and metabolic system, so how can we shift eating habits in a healthier direction?

Dr. Charles Platkin, Executive Director and Founder of the Center for Food As Medicine and Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center, and Liz Crawford, Associate Editor, FoodNavigator-USA

Presentation of the IFF Nourish

PANEL: From Product Prescriptions to Medically Appropriate Meals and Personalized Nutrition: Integrating Nutrition into the Healthcare SystemFood is a central life force – giving us the fuel we need to go through our days, but sadly it’s also the number one cause of ill health in America with an estimated 700,000 deaths a year linked to what we eat. Food doesn’t have to be the enemy though. So how can we improve access and affordability of healthy foods through innovative public-private partnerships that bring together retailers, manufacturers, healthcare providers, insurers and national leaders?

  • Amy Jolin, Director of development, healthy wave
  • Leslie Jefferson, community health program managergiant food
  • Mark Walker, co-founder and CEO, Canoe companies
  • MODERATOR: Liz Crawford, Associate Editor, FoodNavigator-USA



​Hot and Emerging Functional Ingredients

1:30-3:00 p.m. Central Time

CAT IN THE HEART OF FIRE: Mushrooms for Health with Dr. Sandra Carter, Founder, Om Mushroom Superfood, and Liz Crawford, Deputy Editor FoodNavigator-USA

From cordyceps and reishi to chaga, lion’s mane, turkey tail and shiitake, so-called “medicinal” mushrooms are gaining traction in foods and beverages, spurred by growing interest in adaptogens and l ‘immunity. But as with any trending functional ingredient, shoppers need to do their homework.

Presenter: Dr. Justin Green, Director of Scientific Affairs, EpiCor (Cargill)

PANEL: From Immune Support to Mood Moderation: A Spotlight on Trending and Emerging Functional Ingredients ​COVID-19 has accelerated interest in foods and drinks that support the immune system, with dozens of brands now looking to fortify their shots, drinks and snacks with vitamins, minerals, probiotics, botanicals and other ingredients believed to support the body’s natural system. tusks. We explore what consumers are looking for, what ingredients brands are looking for, and whether this is a fad or an enduring trend.

  • Scott Frohman, founder a CEOWellness Odyssey
  • Jim Simon, founder and CEOJimmy Bar!
  • Allison Webster, ​Sr director of nutrition research and communicationIFIC
  • Dr Justin Green, director of scientific affairs, EpiCor (Cargill)
  • MODERATOR: Liz Crawford, Associate Editor, FoodNavigator-USA


MODERATORS: Elaine Watson and Liz Crawford



What does sustainable sourcing really mean?

11am-12:45pm central time

PANEL: The climate-smart roadmap… ​Nearly every food and drink brand now appeals to the consumer about its eco-credentials, ranging from “carbon neutral” and “sustainably sourced” to “climate friendly”, “water positive” “, ‘regenerative agriculture’ and ‘zero waste’. But how do industry buyers – and consumers – evaluate these claims, make meaningful comparisons between products in the same category, and stay alert to the ever-present threat of greenwashing?

  • Joao Brites, director of growth and innovationHow good is this
  • Jeremy McElwee, head of marketing, Prosperous market
  • Matthew Hayek, Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental StudiesNYU
  • Andrew Utterback, senior sustainable development manageringredient
  • MODERATOR: Elaine Watson​, editor-in-chief, FoodNavigator-USA

Presentation – Andrew Utterback, senior sustainable development manageringredient

PANEL: Sustainable packaging… from recyclable to compostable to reusable and edible packaging ​What progress is the industry making to reduce the environmental impact of food packaging, and what needs to change within the industry or at the regulatory level to achieve this?

  • Christine Yeager​, director of sustainable development, Coca-Cola Company North America
  • John Hewitt​, Vice President of Packaging and Sustainability, Consumer Brands Association
  • Sadrah Schadel​, co-founder and CEO, No bad foods,
  • MODERATOR: Liz Crawford​, deputy editor, FoodNavigator-USA

afternoon weather


Focus on food waste and recycling

1:30-3:00 p.m. Central Time

CAT BY THE FIREPLACE Sherri Livengood, Director of Environmental Affairs, Danone North America, and Elaine Watson, Managing Editor, FoodNavigator-USA

‘Food waste… an invisible tax on the entire food system…’ Waste is generated at all levels of the food supply chain, from products that never leave the farm to by-products of industrial food production, from sour whey to sugary wastewater. So how can food companies reduce the waste they produce and divert waste from landfills to reuse, recycle or compost?

PANEL: Focus on recycling: barley milk “recovered products” from brewery spent grainsFrom coffee fruit snacks and lager made from leftover bread to nutritional bars made from depleted grains, enterprising startups are exploring innovative ways to square the circle and create value-added products and brands. ambitions using process by-products or food ingredients. that would otherwise be discarded. We bring together CPG brands to explore how they’ve built brands and supply chains using recycled ingredients, how they communicate benefits to consumers, and what new ingredients or opportunities they’re exploring.

  • Turner Wyatt, CEORecycled Food Association
  • Caroline Cotto, co-founder and COOrenewal mill
  • Dan Kurzrock​, founder, Regrained
  • Molly Laverty​, Head of ESG, Del Monte Foods
  • MODERATOR: Liz Crawford​, deputy editor, FoodNavigator-USA

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