Teway Food Smart Factory Leads Compound Condiment Manufacturing Towards Quality Development

Teway Food uses an innovative approach to production chain design in industry using cross-industry and multi-scenario technologies, which aims to address the challenges of labor in traditional food production. Its single-line production capacity has more than doubled, per capita efficiency has increased more than sixfold, while the cost of manufacturing a single part has dropped by nearly 40%.

“Teway Food is entering the era of Industry 4.0, and smart manufacturing will lead the market trend. This smart factory represents a key step in our digital transformation, a path we have been following since 2019,” said Zhiyong Yu, Vice President of Teway Foods. “Informatization and industrialization are fundamental parts of the company’s overall strategy to transform from a traditional food manufacturer to a modern food supplier. The company’s investment in production bases intelligent in Pidu and Shuangliu in Chengdu reinforces this transformation and will promote the sustainable development of the company.”

With its digital platform, Teway Food’s smart factory applies a digital and intelligent automated manufacturing and management system with many technologies put into use for the first time in the industry, including a complete set of robots to perform the automatic dosing, transport and mixing of ingredients. , reaction kettles which can automatically fry ingredients, automatic clean-in-place system, intelligent storage system as well as the application of large-scale air distribution system.

Such intelligent automation allows precise control of the raw material according to a standardized production procedure, guaranteeing the quality and flavor of the product. It also enables a transparent flow of information that makes every step of the production process traceable, thus ensuring food safety. The smart factory also launches a more accurate product quality monitoring and analysis mechanism, which will help the company make decisions on product upgrades and new product development.

About Teway Food

Teway Food is a Chinamarket-based leading food manufacturer that focuses on compound condiments specializing in seasonings for hot and Chinese dishes, with its products distributed in more than 30 countries, including China, United States, UK, Canada and Australia.

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