Threat to bathroom wall leads to increased safety at Santa Clarita School

Students at William S. Hart High School in Santa Clarita can expect Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Assistants to be on campus Monday.

MPs are responding to a threat written on the school washroom wall, a sheriff’s department sergeant confirmed.

The threat was discovered on Friday and hinted at some sort of campus shooting, according to an image posted on social media.

No specific details about the threat have been confirmed by the sheriff’s department.

School officials emailed parents after the discovery, but did not disclose the exact nature of the threat.

Earlier this month, four minors were arrested following an anonymous report that a student may have had a gun on campus.

A gun was found at the school after the September 8 council, the sheriff’s department said.

Authorities determined that there were no other suspects or security threats following the four arrests, including two boys and two girls.

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