Top 8 lead generation strategies

Lead generation is one of the fundamental disciplines of marketing. Earning leads helps you grow your customer base while increasing brand awareness and attracting potential audiences interested in your services and products. When executed correctly, an effective lead generation plan can not only find more customers, but also the right kind of customers who will build long-term relationships with your business. So leads are all great, but how are we going to generate them? We’ll show you how to put together a fantastic lead generation strategy that can optimize your marketing processes and drive more conversions.

What is a lead generation strategy?

Every good marketing stunt begins with a plan. Your lead generation strategy will create a roadmap for you to appeal to the right demographic and convert their interest into leads by taking them on a brand journey through your marketing funnel. Whether your job is B2C or B2B, every lead generation strategy has four main steps:

  • Lead capture. This is how you extract data from a prospect. This can include their name and personal contact details as well as relevant facts such as their position, income level and profession.
  • Lead magnets. The treat or hook you use to encourage the prospect to engage.
  • Leader qualification. The processes you have in place to help assess the likelihood of a lead becoming a conversion.
  • Segmentation of prospects: The method you have for categorizing different segments of prospects based on factors such as their age, income range, and gender.

Take advantage of these effective lead generation strategies to get you on the road to success.

  1. Exploit chatbot opportunities
    We think of chatbots primarily as customer service tools, but why not use them to give your marketing a boost? Chatbots can open a line of communication with potential customers around the clock, and with a little programming, their conversational style can help you align your brand. They can provide intermittent calls to action along the way and help integrate the leader into your organization.
  2. Use dedicated research tools
    Direct marketing remains an effective method for generating leads. In the past, this could have been physical direct mail campaigns. However, today the consumer landscape is quite different. Reaching out to prospects via email or text is much more relevant to how modern audiences engage with service providers. Before you can get in touch with prospects, you need to know their contact details. A service like SignalHire can be of great value in collecting them. The SignalHire API is accessible through a browser extension, and the service allows you to search for contacts by name, phone number, address, and even location. You can also use it to know the job titles of potential clients, helping you target demographics with better precision for a more effective marketing process. If you’re unsure whether the service will be worth it, SignalHire offers pricing plans and free trials so you can experience the service for yourself and choose a rate that suits your needs.
  3. Offer blocked content
    Blocked content is content that you’ve posted online that is only available to users who have completed a call to action (CTA). This could range from signing up to your mailing list, creating an account, or taking a quiz. This tactic is effective because it doesn’t expect the user to submit their information for nothing in return. This creates a value proposition that many audiences will find intriguing and also creates an air of value on the content available on your site. Some forms of blocked content can include:

    # Videos
    # Exclusive items
    # Special offers
    # Elite blog posts

  4. Offer discounts
    Everyone loves a discount. Price discounts create a sense of scarcity and value around your brand by giving customers the feeling that they have access to a time-limited opportunity and the opportunity to save money. You can use discounts to help prospects convert those who may be recorded as interested in a purchase. This is a good quality client with whom it may be possible to build a long term relationship.

  5. Offer Freemium opportunities
    Get more leads from curious prospects by inviting them to participate in a free trial of your product or by offering them a freemium version. A freemium version is a version of your product or service with reduced functionality, creating a conversion funnel by paying to upgrade to the premium version. This model engages potential conversions that aren’t quite ready to buy yet and gets them interested in your product. You can leverage this relationship by enticing them with paid features and sending them email campaigns that focus on the extra benefits they are missing.
  6. Promote your business on social media
    Paid social media ads are proving more and more effective as more and more people spend their time browsing platforms. Instagram and Facebook both have very effective targeting algorithms that allow you to target the demographics most likely to be interested in your product. You can search for leads at the macro level by pursuing leads by traditional gender and age systems. The other option is to use micro-targeting which relies on behavioral patterns and psychological drivers.

  7. Edit your website to bring your main magnet to the fore
    Your main magnet should be at the heart of your audience value proposition, and you should make sure that your website is designed to reflect that. Building sales funnels on your webpage can help you align your web design with audience values ​​and steer them to the most relevant magnet for their profile. Try some of the following solutions to optimize your website design for marketing purposes:
    # Place it in the center of your homepage as a strong CTA.
    # Embed it at the bottom of relevant content pages and blogs.
    # Design a pop-up around with a CTA.
    # Include it in your blocked content.
    # Promote it in the sidebar.
  8. Create a newsletter that offers value
    Content is always king when it comes to marketing, and creating a juicy newsletter can help you maintain your relationship with your prospects and get them involved in your latest activities. It can also provide you with a forum to develop your brand value with consumers and help them sink deeper into your marketing funnel. This content that you can add to the newsletter includes your latest blog posts, special offers, new releases, updates to your services and products, and contributions from your partners.

Final thoughts

There are many different approaches to take with lead generation tactics. Some may be more appropriate than others depending on the nature of your business. What all effective lead generation strategies have in common is that they are fueled by your willingness to be proactive in trying out new methods of connecting with audiences.

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