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Allen and Roberts are 23; Williams is 22 and Nsoseme is 24.

Allen leads the team in points (14.7 points per game) but seems equally pleased with his development on defense. His hands are more active and he deflects an average of eight balls per game.

“There are so many other plays you can make in a game that don’t involve shooting the ball,” Allen said. “It’s an area that I really grew up in – deflections, setting up teammates for shots and raising my hand when I get close to a shooter.”

You can also see Allen’s craftiness on the pitch in attack when he is closely watched. A defender will be on their hip, so instead of trying to escape by going for the 3-point line, Allen will wrap around a teammate’s screen to hold off the defender. It is the know-how of a veteran.

Williams is Georgia State’s career leader in games played (148) and holds five other career bests. He tells how he learned to read tusks. It was his deflection and steal with five seconds left in the Sun Belt Conference tournament’s first round game against Arkansas State that sealed a 65-62 victory.

“There have been games like that over the years when I wish I had been flying,” Williams said of his game-winning shot against Arkansas State. “I was ready for that one.”

Williams is the “field general” and “the loudest communicator on the team, defensively and offensively,” he said.

“I have to communicate with my guys and make sure everyone knows we’re on the same page,” Williams said. “Coaches have been trying to get me to speak loudly for two years.”

Roberts is averaging 11.2 points, 3.1 rebounds and nearly three assists per game. He leads the team in 3-point field goal percentage. The 5-foot-10 guard has started every game for the Panthers since transferring from DePaul University.

“When I came to the program, I focused on being good enough for myself,” he said. “The game has slowed down for me now, and I’m thinking about the team and what I need to do for the team.”

Nsoseme is the emotional catalyst for the Panthers which he certainly showed in his locker room plea. But it is his work around the hoop that is most indispensable. He averaged nearly a double-double (9.4 points and 9.8 rebounds) in every game.

There was another crucial turning point for the team: Williams was back at his home in Douglasville, Georgia, and texted Allen several days after the 2020-21 season ended with a heartbreaking loss to Appalachian State. during the conference championship game.

“Trying to start over?” Williams wanted to know.

“Yeah, let’s go,” Allen replied.

Roberts, Allen’s roommate, received the following text message.

“I’m in,” Roberts said.

Nsoseme, whose career began at the University of Cincinnati, was also returning.

“An unfinished business,” Nsoseme said.

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