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Unity, reconciliation and a strong sense of identity as Rwandans run as deep as the cement of the foundation, said Jeannette Kagame, the First Lady of Rwanda.

She was speaking at the Unity Club Breakfast event held on the sidelines of the ongoing Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings (CHOGMs) on June 23.

The event was attended by various first ladies of Commonwealth countries, the Commonwealth Secretary General, among others.

Organized by The Unity Club-Intwaramuri, the event aimed to help delegates learn about Rwanda’s journey.

A delegate speaks at the Unity Club Breakfast event

These are indeed difficult times for the world. Between climate change, wars and disease, we are still on the grueling climb to the development, stability and optimal social well-being that we all want as Commonwealth nations, the First Lady said.

Admittedly, progress remains difficult. Political polarization, extremism and individualism threaten the unity of people everywhere. As history, of the very country in which we find ourselves, can testify, a breakdown in unity leads, at best, to compromised well-being, and at worst, to unthinkable loss, she said. added.

Ms. Kagame, however, noted that despite the growing uncertainty, there are real solutions, which have proven effective in countering the threat of division, however profound that may seem.

“This is what we have been fortunate to see our Unity Club embody. Unity Club Intwararumuri (torchbearers) remains for us, 25 years after its creation, a beacon of hope that every injury can effectively heal. is a mirror of the values ​​of the nation we love, which, reborn in the warmth and trust of harmony, will never again allow perceived difference to hurt its citizens,” she said.

Scotland praised Ms Kagame for being a good leader and representing the true image of humanity.

“I want to thank you for showing and teaching us what true humanity, forgiveness and true love look like. You are truly the First Lady of Rwanda,” she said.

Jeannette Kagame, the First Lady of Rwanda, speaks at the Unity Club Breakfast event on the sidelines of the ongoing Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings (CHOGMs), June 23. Courtesy

She called on other countries to learn from Rwanda in terms of unity and reconciliation, noting that it is a miracle to see how perpetrators and victims work together.

“I think Rwanda is a total miracle, but Rwanda is a miracle because Rwandans have chosen to be Rwandans, not Hutu or Tutsi or whatever,” she added.

Unity Club (Intwararumuri or Torch Bearers) was founded in 1996 by First Lady Jeannette Kagame, as a way to bring cabinet members and their spouses together to promote cohesion among them and work together to build unity and peace while contributing to socio-economic development. development of the country.

Oda Gasinzigwa, the second vice president of UC, commended Mrs. Kagame for her strategic mind, innovation and implementation.

“Most leaders are good at strategizing and putting the mechanics on the table and on paper, as well as coming up with lots of ideas and innovations, but we’re not doers like her and that’s something I I learned from her, among other things,” she says.

Delegates at the Unity Club Breakfast event in Kigali on June 23

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