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From a new COVID test device that gives instant results just with your breath, to an electric BMW that changes color, to autonomous electric farming robots that can hoe, weed, sow and more, to a ever smarter smart home technology, including remote wireless power to robots with ever more realistic facial expressions, and whether it’s the latest GPUs, CPUs, startups, smartphones, TVs, flying cars , accessible tech, fintech, wellness, wearables and more – CES 2022 was definitely smaller, but it still managed to launch tons of great tech.

iTWire has been at CES 2022 in person all week, and we’ve recorded dozens of video interviews from different companies throughout the event, covering awesome technologies, from all of the industries discussed above and many more .

But how was it in the venue, and in Las Vegas even in the midst of a global pandemic? An Uber driver told me that December 2021 was busier than he had ever seen, but since things ran through January 1, 2022, Omicron fears saw the normal number of city visitors fall.

If so, the 40,000 people and 2,300 exhibitors who attended CES 2022 from at least January 5-7 was clearly a much-needed boost to the economy and to all the associated activity before, during and after. the event.

Compared to 171,000 attendees and 4,400 exhibitors in January 2020, the figure of 40,000 attendees for 2022 seems low, but in the context of Omicron COVID-strain fears, that’s fantastic, especially considering that there were no physical attendees at CES 2021 with COVID at the time forcing it to become a digital-only virtual event.

Over the course of this week we’ll be posting dozens of video interviews with people, companies and technologies that caught my eye, and hopefully will catch yours too – there were some really great technologies on display !

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CES isn’t just held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, but across multiple venues, with a range of private company suites, meeting spaces and more, alongside side events Pepcom and ShowStoppers, making it easy to create the amazing new CES technology of the experience.

Although there are visible gaps in various sections of the venues where companies chose to pull out at the last moment, which you will see in the videos as I walk around, there is nothing quite like physically attending an event, even with the hassle of wearing masks, which Omicron does mandatory in all indoor environments.

Although you rarely saw people without masks in Las Vegas, you did see a number of people whose noses were sticking out and over their masks, greatly reducing the effectiveness of the mask for those people compared to what wearing a mask intended to do. Hand sanitizer is also very widely available, although I always wore mine as a backup, and the vast majority of people respected mask-wearing, and although it probably happened to many people in Las Vegas during my stay here I heard no reports of anyone testing positive.

The CTA is the Consumer Technology Association, which organizes CES every year, and rather than providing a CES bag or backpack, provided Abbott-branded COVID rapid antigen tests, with two tests in the pack, and offered all participants a second pack on Friday, the last day of the event.

All the rapid antigen tests I took before travelling, during my stay, and now my PCR test required to return, have all been consistently and thankfully negative, and I have followed masking and sanitizing requirements, as well as UV-C disinfection boxes to regularly disinfect masks, phones, glasses, AirPods, microphones and more.

CES ended a day early

Presumably to ease pressure on CTA to cancel CES altogether for another year, organizers decided to end CES a day early, Friday January 7th instead of Saturday January 8th.

Of course, many companies would have booked hotel rooms and flights according to the original schedule, the decision having been made a few days before the start of the show, and with many attendees still in Las Vegas anyway and traveling on January 8, I was not a fan of the event closing a day early.

CES is always huge, and while I was counting on this fourth day to see and capture even more of the event’s cool tech and content, and wish the decision hadn’t been made to shorten the event, I can nonetheless understand CTA reluctantly deciding to do so, and pray that the world’s COVID woes will be much closer to an end so that no similar action is needed in 2023.

I’ll leave you with two videos to start with – the first being BMW’s full CES 2022 event, which has more detail than the few seconds of color-changing cars you may have only seen on TV news. , or in short online videos, while the second video is the CES 2022 “Trends in Technology” event, which was held on the first of two media days on January 3.

There’s a lot more post-CES content to come every day as I catch up on editing and posting all the content I’ve captured from a wide range of companies – which even included the digital video twin’s interview , as such, from William Shatner – who was truly answering a wide range of questions posed by CES attendees – with this video among many to come.

1. Here’s the full BMW presentation from CES 2022:

2. Here’s the much-anticipated CES 2022 tech trend presentation, in full!

My trip to CES 2022 was supported by LG, eftpos Australia, ASCCA, the Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association, iTWire and my family.