What is an online installment loan for bad credit?

You want to apply for a loan at Watts plus, but you’re not sure if it’s a good idea? We invite you to familiarize yourself with our article. We checked the advantages and disadvantages of Watts’s offer, plus we assessed its attractiveness – all based on the fanatical opinions of the company’s customers. See what others think about this offer and make the decision!

The best online installment loan lenders for bad credit

Installment loans: simple and straightforward can be an alternative to bank loans. Many people do not have creditworthiness to get cash from the bank or are rejected because of a lack of permanent employment or negative credit history. In Watts, plus, there are not as strict requirements for applicants for a loan – it can be obtained by people employed on junk contracts or with low earnings, unacceptable in banks.

We can also take advantage of Watts’s plus offer if you can not afford a break. Quick loans should be repaid after 30 days (sometimes the loan period is extended to 45 or 60 days), which in cases of sums above PLN 1000 is practically impossible. So it is better to spread the loan into installments, or even to request a higher amount (in Installment plus up to 5,000 PLN), which is impossible in the case of payday loans.

A minimum of formalities for everyone

Applying for a loan in Watts on plus will not take much time. Submission of the application will take a few minutes, and instant verification of your identity and cash may take 15 minutes on your account. Formalities are kept to a minimum, and the loan can be taken online without leaving your home.

Rat’s offer is directed to both young and old people. People from 21 to 73 can apply for a loan – in many banks this limit is much more restrictive.

The pros of the loan in Watts plus

There is nothing to color – each solution has its strengths as well as weaknesses. The ground is to get to know them all and assess the final attractiveness in terms of your own needs. On the basis of Watts’s customers’ opinions, we will determine the advantages and disadvantages of this offer. Do you think we should expand this list? Please let us know in a comment – we will certainly complement our summary with your comments.


  •          minimum of formalities,
  •          quick decision to grant a loan and immediate cash withdrawal,
  •          intuitive website,
  •          high upper age limit (73 years),
  •          the possibility of early repayment of the loan,
  •          convenient credit period (from 6 to 24 months),
  •          the possibility to submit online application 24 hours a day,
  •          the ability to apply for a loan on weekends,
  •          convenient business hours during the week and at the weekend,
  •          the company does not check BIK,
  •          no required security,
  •          a brand of a well-known and well-known lender.