Whiskey Myers Announce New Album, ‘Tornillo’ – Drop Single “John Wayne”

Damn, it’s Christmas in July.

Announced today, Whiskey Myers gearing up to release a brand new album this summer, easily catapulting them to the top of my most anticipated albums of 2022 list.

The East Texas country rockers spent 21 days at the iconic 2,300-acre Sonic Ranch studio, located a stone’s throw from the Mexican border in a small town called… Tornillo.

And the name of the album was born.

Release scheduled for July 29, Tornillo marks the sixth album in Whiskey Myers’ career, and yet it looks like they’ve only just begun to take off.

And while this new album is still true to the signature Whiskey Myers sound, they’ve also taken their sound further than ever before:

Their second self-produced album, Tornillo is inspired by all musical horizons, citing influences such as Nirvana, Waylon Jennings, the Gospel styles of the McCrary Sisters. Not to mention the guys brought horns into the studio this time around.

Of course, frontman Cody Cannon provides most of the songwriting, along with guitarist John Jeffers, bassist Jamey Gleaves and percussionist Tony Kent. The only outside contribution comes from rising singer/songwriter Aaron Raitiere.

Tornillo List of tracks:

1. Tornillo

2. John Wayne (Cody Cannon, Jamey Gleaves, Tony Kent)

3. Antioch (Cody Cannon)

4. Feet (Cody Cannon)

5. The whole world has gone mad (John Jeffers)

6. For the Kids (Cody Cannon)

7. The Wolf (Cody Cannon)

8. Mission to Mars (Cody Cannon, Aaron Raitiere)

9. Bad Medicine (Cody Cannon)

10. Heavy On Me (John Jeffers)

11. Other Side (Cody Cannon)

12. Heart of Stone (Cody Cannon)

And our first look at the new album? The first single…

“John Wayne”

Give me that harmonica…ALL DAMN DAY.